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Official Corruption



Posted by Sherlock Pwahrow on 21 February, 2018 at 1:25
The police are great at shooting unarmed blacks. The systemic murders of whom are easily talked off by smug spokespersons backed by the practiced paper shuffling of the white police chief, who in turn is greatly enriched materially by cleverly disquised bribery all up and down the rickety ladders of justice. If we can't have justice here in the USA then there is much less chance of it occuring elsewhere. Justice would see some police chiefs hang, at least euphemistically. And just who or what are the police anyway? To blacks, who know just what type of rough treatment they can expect when dealing with the police, they must be a double edged sword at best. At worst the pitiless executioner's gun of a entirely different agency than the one that the Sonoma county sheriff and santa Rosa police are purporting to represent. With the current labor shortage the gene pool is obviously getting very thin as flagrant false emgencies and colluding with organized crime continues to run rampant in sonoma county. Ultimately no one polices the police except other biased police????. Sheepish, the townspeople always roll over to their protectors/oppressors' final proclamations. In the courts, on the desk, in the computer's memory, things are tidied up and sanitized for public consumption. Resigned to accept the Sonoma county sheriff's authoritaritive declarations that teenager Andrew Gomez was not used for target practice but got what was coming to him for his provacations.The spokespersons of course phrased that gist differently. Until the various departments of law enforcement submit to a true civilian oversight committee, one with real power to impose disicpline, by way of fines, fireings and other tools to punish errant public officers, justice, will continue to elude the public. In the final analysis, the police can and do what they wish, with but an occasional slap upon the wrist. Whereas exemplfying the fondness for her kind by humans, Miss Piggy may have her vices but she would never even think of such excess and yeah utter delight in inflicting acts of cruelty upon helpless victims. Couple that with virtually unlimited funding and you get the motivation for this blog. The only voice in the wilderness willing to call a spade a spade. The populace was complacent in nazi Germany as well about the similar activities of their "peace officers". Ikkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Ask the Evans' family of sf if they think the police are too powerful. Lp But if the great and powerful san francisco police force can't even stop the bodacious crime of smashing a car window in broad daylight, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, then how can the beleaguered taxpayer have even a prayer they can solve the more subtle crimes whose solutions are not quite so obvious. The answer is unfortunately that they have no such hope for a successful entreaty.........................................................................................................It is perhaps appropriate that evidence rhymes with dance. As that is what these omnivores do with the evidence. But it is time to set the record straight. It is wholely inappropriate to besmirch the good name and reputation of these noble creatures. :// For ? these noble creatures... who daily give their all to feed millions. They never stray from their mission to feed the hungry masses. By comparing and associating them with such unworthy louts as the law enforcement officers of Sonoma, Napa, Marin, San Francisco and Solano Counties, who enforce a slanted, white supremacist leaning peace, we make dirty the clean muck of their pen confined innocence. And isn't it comforting to know that the police are the same on the right coast as well and that they are such great ambassadors for our American values and way of life! In fact, police are corrupt everywhere, even to the sunny country south of the border. Whereas Piglet is kind and thoughtful, always supportive of Winnie. The personage of the kind and benevolent police man, however attractive, is even more of a fantasy. ??????****??????*???**********************************************???********************************************************************************"""""""""""""********************""**"""*""""""???******???********************************************************************************************************************""""""""********************************** There are many police chiefs and fire chiefs in those communities, prancing around in their fancy uniforms. They love to be seen as always doing the right thing. Yet inwardly the same are ravening wolves, sucking up the taxpayer's dollars with: exorbitant benefits, sick pay, vacations, new cars, homes on the cheap, tax write-offs, phony medical leaves, fake injuries and questionable overtime pay and oversight. The state, city's and counties treasuries bleed dry but yet remains open for still more loot for these scoundrels. Until at this rate Stockton's financial model becomes the norm. To such an extent that rather than the taxpayers being in charge of the life saving police and fire departments, the long laundry list of entitlements that those organizations have clawed from their treasuries means that the citizens of the above communities are now quite at the mercy of their alleged servants. Because who else gets the kind of cushy benefits that they do except their bedmates, the city council and county councils. If you could create and then vote to approve your own benefits, without having to worry about actually paying for them, they would probably look a lot like what the former receive. Will the Novato police ever know what it's like to be corruption free, hardly? If a magic wand were to be waved and all corruption removed from Novato public safety, they would not have enough manpower or funding to continue. Taxpayers may certainly rest easy on that account because no magic is that powerful. Those policeman's unions mentioned above have become so powerful that the tail may wag the dog at will. Who employs the cotati and Rohnert Park Police department's, alledgedly the taxpayers? That dogma long ago escaped the pound. The two nay multiple headed police; benevolent peacekeepers, always giving back to the community, rah, rah, or corrupt mob gouging citizens for protection? Conversely, the faithful artidactyl are never found conspiring against their masters, passing from generation to generation without incident. Organized crime employs the police and have for decades. It has long fallen to the police to cover up the atrocities of government. Even since the early days of san francisco the police have been the willing enforcers of organized crime. To this very day. And so it remains business as usual. "take care of him and make it look like he fell in the shower." is no rare case of a rogue deputy but in fact a common practice by law enforcement officials on the take. The same M.O. was successfully employed several years back in the case of A German WW II VETERAN, Helmut, a spry senior who lived in a Ukiah mobile home park where the police there most sanitarily disposed of the vet. Even if they somehow decided to find god and become honest police officers once again, they will be scourged and worse by the rank and file. Now you know why they call them "rank." The question becomes; which chief of police is willing to take the fall for all of the generations of charges of conspiracy to commit murder of African Americans swept under the carpet by the police chiefs of yore up until the very present day? ¿¿¿¿??¿???¿¿??????????????????????? The scale of which approaches that inflicted upon the American Indians. Ultimately in effect, haven't the African Americans been confined to reservations also? The great disparity between the rates of encarceration for similar offenses by whites over blacks and the gettos would so indicate. Ever since the successful genocide practiced upon the American Indian and perhaps needing another outlet for their craft, or more probably to secure the blessings of white supremacy for all, a similar expedient was employed upon the African Americans through constant jailings, gettos and segregation. Foremost amongst modern practicioners of the above is the American policeman, sometimes dubbed "Sheriff". The answer then and now of course remains no one. Up until recently with the Advent of the smart phone era, the ritual killing of blacks was brazenly and virtually systemic. The ever growing mountain of evidence that the police regularly engage in the ritualistic murder of African Americans to satisfy their occultist crime boss, though indisputable, remains an extinct elephant in the courts of justice. That because like the police, the lawyers and possibly even the judges will enforce a white slanted verdict. Because when it comes down to it, they still cringe at the thought of their daughters marrying one. In the good old days before smart phones began to spoil the party, the practice of the ritualistic murder of African Americans was brazenly systemic. Today's proliferation of cameras everywhere is producing evidence of the rountinely carried out murders by the police that have gone on since when, the restoration? The ever growing mountain of reports of unarmed blacks gunned down by the blood thirsty police. With such incidents now commonplace in the media's, the world has finally caught a glimpse of, what, exactly? The condemnation long due these white supremacists, it is hoped may yet arrive as the me too movement has. Dream on. It is not the police proper but clans that have so grown that weed like, they can choke off justice at will. It is well for blacks to remember that lady justice is Lily White. Who always stands by and blindly rubber stamps the ping pong game between the various police and sheriff departments that ensues when ever a peace officer, rather than dealing with the hassle of real police work, kills the minority citizen and pins the crime he needs to solve on the corpse, case closed.???? That of course would be your friendly neighborhood city council members. Always pleased to help a member of the sonoma police force, no matter how corrupt he or she may be.There being no statute of limitations on murder, again the author inquires who amongst the murderous elements of the generations of above mentioned police forces will step up and point the finger of accusations where and with whom they belong? The former continue to permit it to go on and on and on. Who will be a real man before the people and his Creator and finally provide a clue to the identity of his crime boss and the secret goings on of the police forces above and how they so skill fully play the cover up game? Answer: None of the above. Not one from Sodom, Mordor or even Petaluma's ivory towers where the police are truly controlled from will break their criminal oathes. And breaking their sacred oathes? No problem on that one. There's even a special this month. ???********************************************************************************???***************************************************************** Just what liberties do those that enforce the law in the above mentioned localities take in order to maintain the order? And what sort of order has been imposed upon the blacks and other minorities? A tight knit group of police chiefs and other entities have conspired these many years to affect a kind of cultural genocide of the African American community and not without some success. For the most part holding them in place. That of course will be no surprise to them. But even as a white person I don't like it. If you think about it it kind of makes sense. After dispensing with the American Indian the bureaucratic machinery for genocide was already in place. Whereas the beloved tv character arnold ziffle represents the love and admiration that these noble farm animals inspire in folks. So don't compare him to the police, OK? More circumstantial evidence that the genus Sus, within the even-toed ungulate family Suidaes are far above the police on the evolutionary chain of righteousness. Should we run from knowledge? Maybe so. For our convenient preconceptions about the SAN FRANCISCO, Napa and Sonoma Marin police agencies are best described by a ms. slick;
When the truth is found to be lies... For who employs the public safety officer but the taxpayers. The runnaway entitlements that have been bestowed upon the policeman's unions of those above mentioned organizations begin to look a lot like organized criminals demanding protection money from the sheepish townspeople. If it quacks like a duck..,............................................,...................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... Through a system of thievery, a network of deception, bound together by a crime boss out of Brooklyn NY. The former check cashing, armored car and money order magnet turned criminal through creative accounting maintains an ingenious system of corruption. A student of crime and an admirer of al capone, he's assembled a similar network as the former kingpin of the windy city. Such a system requires loot. And plenty of it. During his time as a check casher, he became a one stop shop for money. Dispensing it freely to the Police of Jamaica Queens, Brooklyn and beyond. Until at this writing he commands his own private army of corrupt officials to such an extent that he considers himself a king and can afford to live like one but doesn't. Smart cookie. Ethics, that of the lowest of brutes? **************************************************************************************************************************************************************************KEYWORDS: JAMAICA, QUEENS, BRONX, CHECK CASHING, MONEY ORDERS, ARMORED CARS, 60 MINUTES, ANZIO, GHOUT, TRAITOR, SOUTH KOREA, BAHAMAS, CAYMAN ISLANDS, EMBEZZLEMENT, SCOTTSDALE, KINGMAN, LONDON, ENGLAND, creative accounting, cooked books, treasurer, prostitution, murder for hire, muder Inc, neo Nazis, private detectives, arson, ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** His son, an unfortunate happanstance deprived him of a healthy existence at birth by reason of a heart defect and often brags of his tv appearance as one of the first of heart surgery patients to benefit from modern medical procedures. His unfortunate condition deprived him of his health and perhaps that his why he developed such a hatred of everyone else practically. Verily the world would have been spared great torment had he been allowed to expire on that operating table and remains one of the best arguments conceivable for doing away with defective babies at birth. ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** KEYWORDS: SCOTTSDALE, KINGMAN, JAMAICA, QUEENS, CHECK CASHING, GUITAR, 1960S HEART SURGERY, TELEVISED, BERMUDA TRIANGLE, CAYMAN ISLANDS, LPS, FALCK, AMBULANCE, urine, piss, OCCULT, creative accounting, cooked books, prostitution, murder for hire, Murder Incorporated, neo Nazis, private detectives, thousand dollars for coughing, $1000 for coughing, fake auto accidents, staged auto accidents, free car, free cars, free vacations, n photo, cornerstone, crooked lawyers, arson, ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Together, after already having amassed a fortune skimming the welfare checks of the african american community in Jamaica Queens. But that was a mere warmup for what was to come. So the two of them, work as a team and run corruption on a scale that represents a clear and present danger to society at large. Such is their sway over numerous poilice forces, highway (rat) patrol, sheriffs, city councilman, lawyers, whomsoever can be bought. Those (and especially their families and friends) unbuyable get the harrassment of their lives (or deaths). Having banded together, a network of politicians, accountants, lawyers and law enforcement systemically funnels dollars to organized criminals. Covering it all up all of the time has become the real work of the police chief. Their targets? The merest of whims and excentricities are law to their bought and paid for NorCal police and fire departments: False emgencies, Unlimited access to public safety/ emergency services vehicles and aircraft, drones, brain scanners (thought-theft devices) and staff to operate them at all times for their own uses\amusement. They love to play with the realmsirens and flashing emergency lights upon the vehicles. And why not? Organized crime foots the lion's share of much of the above agency's equipment. Their well honed system of theivery, with high powered lawyers, politicians, police and fire chiefs have an institutionalized and ongoing funnel of cooked city and county books sucking up taxpayer wealth. It's in the twice cooked books that lie the apple of their eyes. Much of their doe, sheltered in the Cayman islands, they work their creative accounting scemes of free cars, vacations, houses and cash bribes dished out like so many big Macs to their doting nor cal police and fire chiefs. And as for that phoney airport near the Sonoma raceway, no rational uncooked business model shows it staying in business with Sonoma real estate priced what it is on a few plane rides of expensive to maintain vintage aircraft. Without it's mob backing it folds like a house of cards, like the frivolous fly fishing Enterprise of it's combative neighbor which felt organized crime's wrath for opposing it. In reality it is a front to use as a base for illegal surveillance and the harassing of the criminals' enemies. The airport obviously doesn't and couldn't justify it's existence on purely economic terms. The price of that real estate and the modest income that it can possibly generate with $100 plane rides just doesn't add up. Committing questionable Ariel manuevers designed to harass civilian targets with the former and noise pollution up close. Anything to keep their obsession with flight alive at the cost of their victims. ?????????***********************************.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*?*.*.*.*?*?*.*?*?*.*.*.*?*?*?*.*?*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*c.c.c.c.c.c.c.c.c.c. ..............******** Keywords: Sonoma airport, mob run business organize crime, prevost, tax shelter, operating loss, plane rides, aerial feats, harassments, illegal surveillance, noise pollution This collusion amongst the police and organized criminals has been going on for decades. It, in the author's opinion, is even a likely explanation of the JFK assassination. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxcccccccccccccxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx After all , the suspect was already in police custody when he was brazenly gunned down right under their noses. The police in Texas, as many others no doubt in that fair state, probably weren't that disappointed to swap out the prissy baby face for a real man, a Texan, in the white house. That is what some might label motive and opportunity. The cliche is that it couldn't happen here in the good ole USA. The reality is that what happened in Nazi Germany was modeled upon what was established in the deep South. Deeply prejudiced white supremacists ruled the south then and probably still do. So refined is their clever little game. Now granted, the many variables of police categories; sheriffs, highway patrol and their many other convenient aliases, which, once upon a time may have served a legitimate purpose. But now, all of the proliferation of jurisdictions and compartmentalizations offer up a convenient bureaucratic carpet under which to sweep murder upon murder of unarmed African Americans. Yes, it's tragic that the peace officrer may sometimes give his life in the course of duty. Do they get a normal funeral? Such as those of the African Americans they routinely dispatch? Oh no. They get funerals fit for the royalty they've become living off of the fat of the taxpayers. The lowly sus of suidae, no one mournes their great sacrifice, except a few well meaning vegetarians. For proof of the doctrine that man is inherently evil, one need look no further than the Petaluma police department. Who polices the police? Ultimately only other corrupt policeman; "Fellow policeman, I hereby pronounce you innocent of gunning down that black in cold blood, for, he is white and therefore is in the right. Case closed.l lol" "Now that you have been taken off of such an unjust hook fellow officer, please have a look at the attached frivolous cases from my district where some no account black happened to get himself killed while in custody. (Wink, wink.????)."

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