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Official Corruption


Sonoma County Fire Official Emergency Services Coordinator Zachary Hamill's Inept Response Cost Lives- Manslaugher Charges to be Sought

Posted by Sherlock Pwahrow on 7 December, 2017 at 23:10
A recent Fire Chief Newsletter expounded on how to deal with negative publicity. They will DEFINITELY NEED IT! Hopefully the higher ups were paying attention because they are riding a fire storm of citizen outrage over the horrible deaths by fire and smoke inhalation of their pets and family members. If they had only just been warned of the coming fires even a few minutes earlier they might still be alive today to thank them for doing the obvious thing of using the system to prevent exactly what happened because of its lying unused while Sonoma County citizens young and old burned to death. Like a ballplayer freezing up during the playoffs, the Cal Fire Department likewise, albeit on a much larger scaLe and upon a much larger stage, the real life stage of the Sonoma County Fires, froze on the controls of the Early Warning System. Unfortunately, those roasted alive in Santa Rosa and vicinity had no vote in the matter of whether or not Emergency Services Coordinator Zachary Hamill should use the early warning system that their tax dollars had bought. Excuse me, it's the fire of the century and clearly qualified as an emergency! Duh, early warning system, two plus two equals four, why bother with that new fangled contraption? And so these poor victims of the gross negligence of the Mr. Hamil, cry from their graves for justice to be done. And what's worse is that it is not an isolated incident. Oh heavens no! Dear reader you have only to look down in southern cal, where the equally inept Jeff Gater alike twiddled HIS thumbs about using the taxpayer funded emergency cell phone alert system as citizens of Montecito also died horrible deaths while being buried alive in mud slides there. Don't you thing that grandma and grandpa, choking on filthy chemical laced mud as they were buried alive in Montecito, dying unspeakably frightful deaths, might have desired a vote in the decision as to whether or not to deploy the expensive emergency cell phone alert system?!? Shouldn\t the taxpayer now ask of his city council members, JUST WHO IS DOING THE HIRING AROUND THERE!!! When the head is corrupt, the body will soon follow. Charges of manslaughter were being weighed as the gross negligence of the fire officials comes into focus. Job XV- For the congregation of hypoctites SHALL BE desolate, and fire shall consume the tabernacles of bribery. Sonoma County Fire Officials Inept Response Cost Lives- Manslaugher Charges to be Sought

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