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Official Corruption


Sonoma County Sheriff, Highway Patrol, Napa Police, Petaluma Police, One Hand Washes the Other Hand

Posted by Sherlock Pwahrow on 17 November, 2017 at 3:35
The sublimely efficient thing about the method of One Hand Washes the Other Hand: *It's simple- easy to inculcate into the impressionable young mind of the police cadet. The select few of which are trained from the very beginning of their careers in the deceptive ways of corruption. Such as methods of inducing suicide in certain subjects through observation of and then attacking that person's family, associates and other interests or goals. *Everyone gets a piece of the action. *The only limit to its successful implementation is the honesty of public officials. Any recalcitrant can be leaned on too fall in line. Over time these methods have yielded great power to organized white supremacist organizations within the Sonoma County Sheriff, Fire and ambulance services. At the end of the day, when the media are all safely tucked into bed, the Sonoma County Sheriff is not going to honestly investigate himself. Nor is he dumb enough to hand off any such investigation to anyone other than a fellow crony who will some day soon also need help covering up his department's latest committed atrocity. "One hand washes the other hand." Their sins, are forgiven of their own authority. So what do they do? They pretend to have an authentic investigation of say that poor Hispanic teenager in Roseland or Sebastopol, California where to sanitize the poor police work of the trigger happy deranged vet, the sheriff shuffles the investigation off to another brother agency for sanitizing. A basic human want is to leave behind concrete achievements of some kind that will serve as a testament to their existence. The criminal mind is no different in this regard. When seasoned with the boundless enthusiasm of a psychopathic desire to establish some kind of fourth reich this can take bizarre forms indeed. Many are not so clear yet very present, even omni so. When these attributes are backed by billions of dollars in organized crime booty you get well, the Sonoma County Sheriff, The Santa rosa Police Department, The Petaluma Fire Department and so on. Where white supremacy holds court and sway. This is the root of the many false emergencies being experienced by those communities and promulgated by the aforementioned government bodies. It seems that even most of the Sonoma County Sheriff's vehicles are also white, possible connection there. .

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