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Name (Changed to protect the innocent): Liam Bjorn

Email Address: Withheld

Message: Hi I am a Norwegian private investigator with The Peter Gunn Agency. I have read your blog, A Brief History of Robert Boo Heffner, President and CEO of Falck. Robert Heffner was fired last year and I would like to find out how he managed the business the last year. Can you help me with that or help me to find sources who can help me? Best regards, Liam

Dear Liam, Thanks so much for joining the Copsonnuts web site! As a reward for your astute decision I will confide in you a few salient factoids regarding our illustrious subject:

· If Robert Boo Heffner was fired from Falck, he was merely “taking one for the team” to use an American baseball saying. Or he is a sacrificial lamb, or a figurehead of organized criminal interests based in Scottsdale, Arizona usa (last known address).

· He did exactly as his employers wished the first year, the last year and all of the years in betwixt! We can be fairly sure of one thing; they awarded him a golden parachute for his “outstanding services.” One of which earned him his nickname of “Boo”. He used the fleet of ambulances as a device to frighten certain subjects with their following them everywhere they go and often blaring their sirens as they sped by to some false emergency, repeating daily, to imply the impending need of the services thereof. Going so far as to block egresses at dead ends to drive home his underworld employers’ point: “Refuse our demands and we will hurt you bad!”

· His ambulance empire is only ostensibly under new ownership at best. They have been slapped upon the wrist by the publicity and as a result are feigning good behavior, for the moment.

· His work with ambulances was done in coordination with corrupted police, sheriff and fire department services to constitute a virtual shadow government that can bend justice at will to perverse heights. “Murder For Hire” yet lives. They are a one-stop shop.

· All financed from the original nest egg of the USN Money Orders’ Company’s of nyc of late, very late indeed (mid-1970’s) once upon a time treasury. It appears they have remained active through various inside jobs (an M.O. if ever there was one) coordinated expertly between all above agencies plus lawyers, politicians you name the public official, they can get to them.

· They can rub anyone out and make it an accident through the above network, sanitized, with a ribbon of legalese. Also there is a strong occult element in play. If you start finding urine in weird places…lookout!


If possible, please send a link about Mr. Heffner’s latest firing from Falck?

Best regards,

Sherlock Pwahrow

The United States Of America: The Fourth Reich?

If they only knew, that's the criminal beauty of it. No one ever knows or suspects; it is always made to seem an accident or made out by the sheriff/coroner to be a death by natural causes. Perhaps ‘tis better that the friends and family members of the dear departed never know for what good would that do to know that the police, sheriff and fire departments of Nor Cal have supported and indeed were and continue to be the very means for an ongoing and never-ending string and streak of institutionalized crime and murder that would make heir Hitler proud.

One hand washes the other explains so much. If you know where to look you will find an army of policeman, sheriffs, fireman with their hands out and being rewarded for secret acts of violence and dereliction of duty that has established a shadow government from the ruins of the confederacy and the wits of organized crime.

Remember it was the effective methods of the South in corralling the black population into a second, third and fourth class citizenship with their creative interpretations of separate but equal. This inspired Hitler to his at least temporarily effective application of that cruel Southern style of justice as a way to neutralize the Jewish population back in the day.

It must have been thought to be expedient when they awarded that already very powerful peace officer the Sonoma County Sheriff with the additional position of Coroner. Like he probable didn’t already have enough to do. This gave the sheriff the opportunity to become a one-stop shop for crime analysis and such. But it also empowered him to become the judge, jury, executioner and funeral service all rolled into one should he choose to go in that direction. And yes he has chosen to go and continue to go that way. For in that way lies the money and the personal power of personal enrichment that continues to be the driving force of the force and not the golden rule of to serve and protect but rather to obfuscate and to talk it all off through a practiced duplicity that would be the envy of Goring himself.

One reason that it is so easy for this corrupt yet from some perspectives admirably successful organization to hide their transgressions is that they control the police and do so through cloyed violence, threats thereof an cleverly disguised accidents or medical snafus like an accidental overdose, allergic reaction, suicide or other convenient explanation. Through a system of thievery from public and private sources like overcharging on fees for welfare, unemployment and other public assistance checks at check cashing services and skimming off of various city, county and state treasuries using tag teams of lawyers and politicians they have long waxed rich. So rich and so long that they have grown to become a shadow government. One that could kill the Kennedy’s in one breath and torch the World Trade Center to cover up the real target of building Seven with its criminal records in another. It is an example of successful criminality on a scale of which could only happen in America.

Those few who do put two and two together have little recourse because so cleverly have they worked all of the legal and illegal angles alike; up and down the food chain of justice or alleged justice: cops, robbers, Sonoma city councilman, lawyers, doctors, nurses, ambulance attendants, Sonoma County fireman and more, that resistance is generally futile or worse.

Could the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez been correct when he labeled the United States “The Great Satan”? Soon after his declaration he was dead, just a coincidence or did the dark knights behind the nation that he denounced as an exporter of terrorism and permanent aggression swoop down and silence the troublesome South American honcho? What if old Hugo was right, Dictator, Prophet or both?

And not only that, if you believe in the concept of evil, of the existence of the devil, Satan and the occult, then you ain’t seen nothing yet. Even if you do not subscribe to the existence of the devil you should at least acknowledge that those that do can and do summon from their belief of its powers a certain negative psychic energy that can manifest in real world calamities. Those states can power believers of such ancient rites and rituals like the occult practice of prefacing a sinister act by urinating in the path of its intended victim. If such rites have survived and flourished throughout the ages mustn’t there be something, however evil, to it? Like the devil rule number whatever that if you cleverly off your brother or torture your mother upon her death bed you some how gain rewards points with the devil or whatever evil entity or power that may be so summoned and impressed. But what if behind all of the siphoned public and private funds controlling a corrupt Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department lies a will so sinister that it embodies the very concept of evil, do you believe?

You don’t have to necessarily. If you prefer hard facts here is one; the many lives that have been destroyed and continue to be in this corporeal world were very real until…

So vicious and effective are their methods that not a one in a million is able to withstand them. And even that lone one upon very shaky rocks indeed.

Will anything that the Democrats are able to accomplish be but a temporary window dressing on the United States of America’s continuing spiral down the same path as Nazi Germany but upon a much larger scale? For if the military industrial complex continues working together with organized crime, occultists and white supremacists behind the closed doors of government, “Welcome to the Fourth Reich.”

All of the above working together for one purpose; that of great power and wealth for the few privileged whites and the shaft for everyone else, you be the judge, haven’t they succeeded beyond their wildest dreams? Hail the Fourth Reich, fall in line or be run over, or both.


THE UNITED POLICE, SHERIFF'S AND FIRE DEPARTMENTS OF NORCAL: THE NEW FRONT LINES OF FASCISM Great wine, Tuscan estates and beautiful vistas are but a few of the many wonders and similarities between Italy and the Napa Sonoma region. Both are cradles of fascism. The police and fire departments of the above mentioned must be put back in their proper place as servants of the community they serve by a true civilian oversight committee with real authority to decide on controversial police matters and other such matters of public import. Said committee must have the power to impose discipline or even removal of any public safety officer brought before it. It must be composed of a diverse group of citizens of all races and appropriate Creed's. If not, we shall continue down the current path towards a fascist state. Corrupt police officers such as those sheriffs patrolling forestville have no remorse for the great damage that they do to the public. Because from Their very first day as a cadet right up until now,they are extremely well compensated by organized crime with new cars and trucks, free homes and luxurious vacations. It is the grievous work of this blog to report on the ever growing mountain of evidence of corruption in the local police force of NorCal. The former routinely harass Sonoma county voting officials in the line of duty. Also target for their illegal surveillance and harassments are journalists.

Napa Fire Department Creates another false emergency in violation of the law. from cops on nuts dott comm on Vimeo.

Such as dive bombing them with their helicopters, airplanes and drones and creating false emergencies. If that isn't a Hallmark of fascism Mussolini was a democrat. That dear reader, in a democracy is a treasonable offense. In view of the fact that the police and fire chiefs of NorCal are all in the pockets of organized crime, this renders the entire rank and file little more than a group of hired thugs. Thugs just as likely to commit a crime as to solve one. This June 2018, NorCal ifornians are advised to vote against all incumbents. The new batch are likely to be just as corrupt, but at least it might slow them down some. POLICEMAN- POLICE THY SELF TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT IT'S FUNNY HOW THE WORST CRIMINALS OF ALL TURN OUT TO BE THE SANTA ROSA POLICE , HA, HA, HA. SINCE THEY PERFORM THEIR ATROCITIES WITH THE lax oversight of the LOCAL AUTHORITIES, WHO ARE IN the POCKETS OF AND ACT ON THE BEHEST OF A CRIME BOSS IN SCOTTSDALE. THEIR criminal application of law enforcement does keep the peace. For providing that great service, they take it for granted that they themselves may orchestrate any manner of mischief they see fit. For "who's to know?", is their reasoning. Even when they do knowz, what can the law abiding citizen do if it's the police themselves that are the criminals in sheep's clothing? As long as the peace is kept, the police have a free hand for their own private elicit enterprises. Do you really think that the San Francisco police are satisfied with the, in THEIR minds, picayune compensation scheme the taxpayers offer, however broke they have become supplying it? The only logical explanation for the preposterously large number of auto break-ins in San Francisco is that the police are in for a piece of the action. As for the late mayor, God rest his soul. However, those stuck with the mess that he left behind must face the reality that he did zero about the car break ins. Worse, the situation grew up right under his nose as the cheif of police. It might be true that for a policeman with ambition, the only way to get great riches is by working both sides of the fence. The Santa Rosa police would certainly seem to believe that. Teaming with bribery so cleverly disguised that it blends perfectly with the city and county's cooked books. As Edward R. Murrow maintained, controversy makes for good television. That must be doubly true for the Internet. If so and that is something you find entertaining yes and informing, then you have come to the right place. The police are going to great lengths to say the least to find out what I am thinking. They wrest my thoughts with the new thought theft devices they have that remain secret from the taxpayers. They sound as a constant ringing in the ear and may create headaches and skin rashes. The machine is portable and can be deployed in the air via one or possibly more aircraft. No matter, there's nothing hidden that shall not be revealed. That's especially true nowadays. But the dream police should be careful what they wish for, lest they get it... Just so if the pen 'tis mightier than the sword how much mightier still be the blog?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 'tis to be determined yet................................................................................................................... here goes... Just what liberties do those that enforce the law in Sonoma, Napa, Marin, Solano and San Francisaco Counties take in order to maintain the order? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? That's the question. This web site is the beginning of the answer. And what sort of order has been imposed upon the blacks and other minorities? Simply the due process of the law?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? As interpreted by a secretive band of WHITE SUPREMACISTS, steeped in OCCULT PRACTICES, WHO JUST HAPPEN TO CONTROL LAW ENFORCEMENT IN THE ABOVE MENTIONED COUNTIES. *********************************************************************************** The media is controlled by the police when it comes to their image. This web site is a small attempt to begin to correct that imbalance. When the Police control the dissemination of news and vital public information, such as in the cities and County of Sonoma, fascism and white supremacists have an easy go of it. What's the difference between the Sheriff and the Police? One wears a darker uniform and one has more power to write off the murders of blacks and other minorities. That would be the Sonoma County Sheriff in his very inadvisable duel role as Coroner. The Cotati and Rohnert Park Police, Sonoma Highway Patrol, yes they all look great and sexy on the local news show, who must play along if they want in on any future scoops. So you have the entrenched system of corruption where one hand washes the other hand. If the Cotati Police happen to get in trouble, say for creating numerous false emergencies for profit, like the one they created in Cotati in front of the Spanky's and Tradewinds bars on the night of September 29, 2017. All they need do is to refer the matter to the Sonoma County Sheriff for an "impartial" review.

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Dateline American Canyon, California: Small Town Police Force Embraces Big City Organized Crime

Posted by Sherlock Pwahrow on February 14, 2019 at 12:05 AM Comments comments (7)

It is well that the overall populace prefer blissful ignorance to the gritty realities of the day-to-day operations of the American Canyon Police Department. For if they only knew of the ease with which the polished act of organized crime can swoop down upon any police force in the nation and to take over its operations they would do, what? Nothing. After all what can or could they do, call the police upon the police? What’s in a picture, without a suitable explanation there are many possible reasons for this or that image. Yes image. It is so easy for the policeman to hide behind the benevolent image of their uniform and to one minute, save an infant from the clutches of a carjacker to seamlessly rendering an illegal surveillance and harassment of a law-abiding yet annoying journalist for a psychopathic crime boss. “All in a days work ma’am.”

There would seem to be at least one harried teen who is none too pleased with harassment experienced from the hands of his own local police department. As the contents of this link well attests. 

Here, we have our intrepid American Canyon Police Officer in hot pursuit of an innocent journalist whose crime is having offended a vicious crime boss plying his trade by easily obtaining ownership of the police forces of Nor Cal. His job, continue the harassment of the journalist so ably accomplished to date by the Sonoma County Sheriff and the Petaluma and Santa Rosa Police Departments to name only a few of the low-priced talent* in his stables.

Made by a vigilant local photographer, this American Canyon Police Officer slithers off in a hurry like some low down snake, only to return later to dramatically empathize his allegiance to a murderous criminal organization.


* Police Officer Salaries in Napa, CA Area


Average Base Pay


9% above national average





Additional Cash Compensation: Sweetheart deals on; Homes and Real Estate, Luxurious Vacations, New Vehicles for personal and professional use. The generosity of organized crime to the American Canyon Police Force knows no bounds. With these low salaries that are paid to the police of American Canyon to somehow manage the high cost of living in California it should be no wonder that a large roll of hundred dollar bills so innocently dropped at his feet by organized crime would bring second thoughts about that worthless oath to the struggling young family of the average American Canyon Policeman. But let some foolish police officer turn informant and his benefactors will begin to sing quite a different tune indeed. 




$542 - $15,677

How much does a Police Officer make in Napa, CA?

The average salary for a Police Officer is $58,524 in Napa, CA. 


Salaries for Related Job Titles



Security Guard


Special Police Officer


Campus Police Officer


Are you paid fairly?

Get paid what you are truly worth, ever thought about a career in Organized Crime?

Police Officer Jobs in Napa, CA Area


Police Officer

American Canyon, CA Crime Information, Trend and Rate

SpotCrime's American Canyon, California crime map shows 18 assaults, 1 shootings, 116 burglaries, 85 thefts, 15 robberies, 25 vandalism, and 6 arrests over a one month period. The previous month crime map in American Canyon, California showed 30 assaults, 2 shootings, 94 burglaries, 99 thefts, 12 robberies, 27 vandalism, and 6 arrests.

According to the reports SpotCrime receives from local police agencies, crime overall in American Canyon, California is currently up by 2% when compared to the previous month.

Property crime such as theft, vandalism, and burglary is up in American Canyon, California. Unfortunately, property crime and overall crime have both increased this month, with property crime increasing by 2% when compared to the previous month.


Overall there has been a 2% increase in crime from the previous month

Sonoma County Sheriff's Department: ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE

Posted by Sherlock Pwahrow on December 17, 2018 at 1:15 PM Comments comments (0)

The Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department is afraid of this web site. And well they should be. For in it is the stuff that will finally expose them as they truly are: the corrupt servants of organized crime. The secret goings on at the Sonoma County Sheriffs’ insular and inbred white world of which only they, brothers in arms, can ever fully know and appreciate.

It falls unto this lowly blog to be the only voice in the wilderness of the corruption that is the essence of the Sonoma County Sheriff's Department. The time has come to disband the former and transfer all of its duties and assets to a single police entity. One that will be responsible to the needs of the people pictured below. Doesn't that look like the end scene of the original Frankenstein’s monster, where the townspeople, fed up with the monster, are forced to take matters into their own hands?

While the Sonoma County Shecriff’s Department go about their duties well enough, though even this assertion might be challenged by the families and friends of the late Andy Lopez, at any moment, when their markers are called upon, they can and will turn upon an innocent civilian if the price is right, and it always is with the vast deep pockets of organized crime.


The Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department have become the enemy of the people because their underlying structure has been usurped by the virtually endless supplies of cold hard cash that organized crime can muster at the drop of a hat or the fall of another wide-eyed recruit to the reality of big money, big deceptions and the entrenched bribery residing therein. Easily flown in from the Cayman Islands by a fronting geological services firm like so many pipe bombs and forwarded through the Charles M. Schulz Sonoma County Airport cleaned up for distribution by those who so expertly ran the check-cashing businesses of Jamaica, Queens and Brooklyn, New York and defrauded the unsuspecting and relatively helpless black welfare recipients there by charging an extra ten cents for each and every check that they would cash. Wherein they also sold money orders by a firm called USN. Where the treasurer, also happened to be the owner of the check cashing stores as well as the owner of the armored car services that supplied the money for the checks to be cashed. Eventually collecting enough money to choke several herds of horses, finally tiring of the game, they decided to retire with one last, monumental score. Pulling out all of the stops and strings, they efficiently vacuumed every last cent of the money order company’s treasury and hopped a well-planned flight to the Cayman Islands. This of course didn’t sit too well with people trying to cash their money orders. But alas their was nothing to be done as from top to bottom what passed for the legal system of the Empire State back then in the mid nineteen seventies had already been well greased indeed. Resulting in a relatively comfortable if inconvenient few month stay in one of New York’s well-apportioned country club prisons for the errant treasurer. But there was a happy ending in Scottsdale, Arizona for the benefactors of the scam and a lot of wringing and gnashing of teeth in this and that area of New York City, its adjoining Burroughs and also at the affected businesses left out on the financial limb as distributors of the now worthless USN Money Orders.

There are two kinds of murderers.

Those who do it for fun

And those who do it for profit

They’re both.

There are two kinds of sadistic murderers.

Those with little money that limits their activities to small geographic areas

And those with money, which crowns their efforts with a success unavailable to their poorer counterparts


So these Napoleons of crime now amuse themselves with their billions of dollars in largess by investing in the employees of the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department and in creating new havoc in Sonoma County and beyond, such as operating a jet maintenance facility at the Charles M. Schulz Airport and in creating a huge consortium of ambulance services. Thus double dipping, the employees of the Sonoma County Sheriff and their families will never have to want for anything. Thus enriched from the coffers of the wicked, the members thereof care nothing for the damage that they do, and it is exceedingly great. Oh, no. Because they and their loved ones are set for life, after all, that is what is most important, isn’t it?


The Time Is Right To Disband The Offices Of The Sonoma County Sheriff


There would be a huge savings in administrative and a myriad of other costs and expenses attained by folding the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department into the Santa Rosa Police Department or dividing up its assets and budget to other local police departments to assume the former’s duties and administrations. Not only that, it would be of an enormous psychological benefit to the communities now served and sometimes abused by the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department. Because what’s in a name anyway? After all, isn’t the office of sheriff itself indelibly associated with that of the wild west and hence of the ideal of the shootout. And though none would probably care to admit it, isn’t it natural for the idealist recruit to identify himself with that august personage of Wyatt Earp? This ethos is a disease that promulgates the gunfight as an acceptable and even a desirable law enforcement conclusion. Hence the doing away of the title and of the office of the Sonoma County Sheriff will send a distinct message that gunfights are not to be tolerated and are to be avoided if at all possible rather than cultivated by holding them up as legends.


Unless you are black, you may take for granted that the police only operate on one side of the law. Of all citizens of the United States of America, the African American, (and some in the Roseland District of Santa Rosa still have lingering questions about the unjust killing of a teen by a Sheriff’s Deputy there.) holds the most evidence that this is a farce.

The problem is just like Al Capone of the Heartland. Unless the crime boss makes a mistake, there is no way to stop the institutionalized murder of blacks by police and of others whom organized crime orders the police to do away with. Even then it is still nearly impossible. For the police, Internal Affairs notwithstanding, will never do the real police work required of policing themselves. It’s bad for their business. What real motivation do they have in bringing to justice themselves? It is easier for the Sheriff to stop the crime of the city and county than to stop their foot soldiers from reaping in their booty.

The question arises how did Elliot Ness ever do it? The answer now is did he even do it?

The unfortunate truth is that the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department in addition to admirably, though again some friends of Andy Lopez might beg to differ, plying the role peace keepers, often sew just the opposite. For many if not all of the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department are moonlighting for the proprietors of a lucrative murder for hire organization. For what better cover if you are a criminal than the comparative sheep’s clothing of the Sonoma County Sheriff?


Sonoma County Sheriff: License To Kill


Duplicity of powers and of titles empowers duplicity of enforcement and two sets of police adding to the confusion of the public. One police department, not two is the best solution. That’s what the Sonoma County Sheriff represents, the two-faced nature of the law; one for the haves and one for the have-nots, one for the whites and one for the blacks. A separate entity as Sonoma County Coroner might well have turned in a different verdict in the shooting of the youth Andy Lopez. Than that of a not uninvolved fellow Sonoma County Sheriff’s department official, one hand washes the other. Today February 12, 2019, a hypothetical corrupt Sonoma County Sheriff with his practiced administrative hand could easily write off the killing of blacks for target practice as “resisting arrest” or “accidental death” or “death by natural causes” with the mere click of a mouse.


One Police Department To Administer One Standard Of Justice

Why is there a need for the duplicity of police departments that constitutes maintaining both the Offices of the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department and the Santa Rosa Police Departments? As noted above the very concept of the sheriff’s department is an outdated notion at best. Either one or the other must go; the police department or the sheriff’s department. Why should taxpayers continue to pay to keep two of everything? Think of the money to be saved by doing away with this duplicitous formula all together. Why not just move the current assets and administration to one police department? No more confusion over who is doing what. If there was no Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department, the killer of Andy Lopez could not have escaped so easily through being lost in the cracks of the legal ping-pong game played by and between the Office of the Sonoma County Sheriff and other departments of law enforcement.


The duplicitous ping-pong game of bouncing one case of an officer involved shooting or homicide for judgment/whitewashing from one law enforcement agency to a fellow or sister law enforcement agency is one example. That shuffling off of such difficult scandals is law enforcement’s best tool to hide their own wrongdoings and corruption. By eliminating the Offices of the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department this legal shell game would be severely hampered.


Therefore is the urgent need to disband the Offices of the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department. For what good is maintaining two wholly separate competing police forces when their members employ their differences as legal ping-pong balls to stymie the public right to fair police procedures?


The Office of the Sonoma County Sheriff is a regrettable holdover from the lawless days of the Wild West when shootouts were the norm whose time has ended like that of so many blacksmiths. After all, Sonoma County taxpayers probably could find some cheaper entity to abuse their prisoners.


NorCal Fire Departments Occupy Same Heady Space As That Of Late Patriot John McCain

Posted by Sherlock Pwahrow on October 21, 2018 at 12:10 AM Comments comments (0)

“I like people who weren't captured” – President Trump on John McCain ; ;

Sometimes it’s hard to argue with the president’s good old down home New York City logic. Enough red-staters agreed to elect the man, and his logic, like the word of the Lord, cuts to the quick. Likewise, the questionable results obtained by the heroic, if overmatched and outclassed, NorCal fire departments at large during the great Santa Rosa fires of October 2017 create an eerie similarity. ;

I like the fire departments that can actually put out fires, ; instead of those that run hither and thither while Rome burns to the ground. ; I prefer the fire departments that use the precious resources bestowed upon them by the taxpayers’ largesse,;

such as the state of the art early warning systems that the NorCal Fire Departments ignored while grandma and grandpa died horrible deaths amid burning skin and asphyxiation from the raging inferno that was once their beloved homes.;

Rather than those that prefer their old outdated fire warning systems that relied upon smoke signals that inevitably were unseen in the flames of the many innocent lives lost due to their ineptitude in not deploying the former.

Suicide Better Fate For NorCal Highway Patrol Officers Than Facing Wrath Of Systemic Organized Crime In The Force For Trying To Buck It

Posted by Sherlock Pwahrow on October 17, 2018 at 2:05 PM Comments comments (0)

What happens to the fool who tries to buck the entrenched organized crime in the vaunted Highway Patrol? His life is turned upside down in a myriad of disheartening and yet undetectable ways. Ways and means developed and refined over centuries. Today's organized crime is so organized they have become an integral part of the legal system itself.  ;The Highway Patrol zoom around in their urban tanks and have free rein upon the highways. They enforce the law in the trenches of reality.

What happens upon the streets and roads of Napa and Sonoma counties is ever in flux and may or may not be recorded by the massive amount of cameras recording this and that at any given time.  ;  Even if they did record" target="_blank">something suspicious the Highway Patrolman on the take from organized crime are easy to hide. Especially when their careers are financed and supported from their very first day at the police academy all the way up to today and beyond by organized crime. That is done by them in order to secure their very own private get out of jail free card. ;  The scary thing is the disparity between what the counties can pay in relation to what organized crime can provide. Even more frightening is that through the power of deft bookkeeping what has gone unnoticed is that a virtual army of corrupt police officials from many departments are being funded by taxpayer dollars siphoned off of this and that public expenditures made to look all in accountable order but alas the counties’ refried books are a vast unknown covered up by false data and the false loyalty of key public sector employees. ; 

Show me a highway patrolman with the courage and the true grit to condemn and expose their own corruption from within by organized crime in their very midst and I will show you a dead highway patrolman.

It is difficult to imagine anyone who does greater damage to the fabric of society than the corrupt police officer. For an officer with any remaining conscious, suicide becomes a more attractive option than having grandma get too high a dose of morphine from her friendly doctor or little bobby being kidnapped. It is he, the highway patrolman who most represents governmental authority and justice on the" target="_blank"> mean streets of NorCal. And if he acts unjustly, as thousands of smart phones across the nation will attest, it hurts many more than just its immediate victims. It becomes a chain reaction bringing down the spirit of whole communities.

Snoopy Perfect Cover For Mob Run Air Craft Maintenance Facility

Posted by Sherlock Pwahrow on October 10, 2018 at 4:00 PM Comments comments (0)

O what a blessing that Mr. Schulz is not alive to see the moral turpitudes that his beloved namesake airport is sheltering! Right from the beginning of the liberally greased approval process, apparently zero if any real vetting of the applicants occurred. Worse it was all accomplished in secret without even bothering to file any information about the financial impact of this multimillion dollar changing of business ownership and then the subsequent shuffling of the ownership resposibility between faceless firms like some shell game. Instead the document lamely claims that there is no financial impact whatsoever. Worse still this raises no red flags amongst the august members of the County Of Sonoma Department Of Transportation & Public Works!

Witness the County Of Sonoma Agenda Item Summary Report Department: Transportation & Public Works – Airport item:

Sonoma Jet Center is located at 6000 and 6030 Flightline Drive

Prior Board Action: 12/11/07: Approved First Amendment to Lease; 07/13/04: Approved Lease to Sonoma Jet Center; 12/09/03: Closed Session Alternatives – Results of Non-Approval: a) No alternatives to consideration of a request for consent to assignment are applicable. SJC desires to assign its leasehold interest at the Airport, and has complied with its lease obligations for so doing. SRA, via Redwood Hangar, LLC and New Sonoma FBO, Inc., is financially and otherwise capable of successfully operating an FBO at the Airport; b) The inadvertent misalignment of taxilane and lease line would remain uncorrected.

Rubber-stamped all of the way through the approval process, how many free luxury cars did that cost them?

Taxpayers might like to know exactly why the Board approved a lease that allowed item b), and by not correcting the situation, even endorsing the misalignment of a taxilane and a lease line? That is at the very least gross incompetence but considering the benefits of this sweetheart deal given to these sly crooks from Jersey, probably closer to gross corruption. Because with the taxi lane mixed up with the lease line, this is probably done to evade paying their share of taxi lane fees to the airport.


Further evidence of Sonoma Jet Center’s disconnect from the community can be seen in their inattention to their own web site, a clear indication thereof. Evidence of that can be seen in the fact that when visited for this post on October 10, 2018 their last entry was on July 10th 2018.

The Latest News from Sonoma Jet Center

the ability of organized crime groups to run “daisy chain” schemes using shell companies


the ability of organized crime 37 Grosse, Robert E. Drugs and Money: Laundering Latin America’s Cocaine Dollars (Connecticut: Praegan Publishers, 2001) 72. Todisco 22 groups to run “daisy chain” schemes using shell companies


Why was it a Closed Session? What were they hiding from the public, is that really how Snoopy does business?


CURRENT FISCAL YEAR FINANCIAL IMPACT - None. Is that so? Explanation (if required): None. ; 

Why was no explanation required, it sure sounds like a lot on ‘splaining is clearly left to untangle this sordid transaction? Indeed. For what we really have here is the deep, deep pockets of organized crime moving in next door to the not unsuspecting, just relatively powerless ordinary folk who ran up against New York City style corruption; the kind that killed the Kennedys, the kind that won the war against them. 

The kind that will piss on your head and tell you that it's raining in singsong. People think, going about their ordinary business, that organized crime was long ago successfully dealt with. After all, Elliot Ness did away with that lot long ago, no? Yes, no. Unfortunately, very, very unfortunately for Sonoma County, the opposite is true. Organized crime has so won that battle, that your police chief. Sheriff, city councilman, fire chief, ambulance drivers, they’re all owned and operated by the former.

What explanation would you provide for the absurd claim expressed by the filers of the lease for the Sonoma Jet Center and the complicit Sonoma County government officials that there is absolutely zero financial impact of the changing of ownership of a multimillion dollar company planning to demolish half a neighborhood with a runway expansion project from the get go and then continue to maintain and grow the toxic waste dump of jet fuel and other aircraft waste brewing and percolating down into the local ecosystem?



Prior Board Action: 12/11/07: Approved First Amendment to Lease; 07/13/04: Approved Lease to Sonoma Jet Center; 12/09/03: Closed Session (!)


And for democracy, it gets worse, far worse dear readers. Department: Transportation & Public Works - Airport 4/5 Vote Not Required Contact: Jon Stout John Merget 565-3633 Phone: 565-7243 Board Date: 7/13/2010 Deadline for Board Action: 7/13/2010


The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors for some reason decided to exclude the public in their unilateral decision to award the county’s precious airspace to marauding mobsters masquerading under the cover of a bevy of shell companies leading nowhere with no accountability. Run by a couple of New Jersey puppets whose real objectives are conducting illegal surveillance and harassing of victims singled out for such treatment by their crime bosses by means of sonic jet bursts and dives.


Note: Airport services and freight handling – At John F. Kennedy International Airport, LaGuardia and Newark Liberty, the unions were controlled by the Lucchese family.

In the lease for the “Sale of Sonoma Jet Center Sonoma” it states that the “Jet Center has been a solid asset for the Airport and an excellent tenant for the County.” But it offers zero evidence for those claims.

As a voluntary business decision, Sonoma Jet Center now desires to sell its assets at the Airport and has entered into a sales agreement with South River Aviation, LLC. (They were probably threatened if they refused to sell.)

South River Aviation, LLC (“SRA”;) is an aviation-related investment company formed in 2002 for the purpose of identifying and acquiring an existing FBO which met its very conservative business acquisition parameters. Sure it is, and you will be happy to learn that the County further wisely invested the taxpayers’ dollars in acquiring great holdings of swampland in the Garden State. That says basically nothing about the company or those allegedly behind it. Where is the vetting process?

SRA has entered into a purchase and sale agreement with SJC for its FBO assets at the Airport, which agreement is contingent upon the County’s approval of an assignment of the lease from SJC to a subsidiary corporation of SRA. So the County agreed to give their taxpayer’s precious airspace to some company that was suspect in the first place for clear obfuscation to another shell company with zero interest in the community and basically a completely unknown entity if even that. See the work that gets done behind closed doors and behind the taxpayers’ backs. These are jet planes flown over your heads daily controlled by pilots controlled by the mob. Sleep easy Sonoma County!


SRA has formed two California entities specifically for the subject acquisition. (Why is that, the first one was plenty murky enough?)


These entities are Redwood Hangar, LLC and New Sonoma FBO, Inc., (WHO?)



the former to acquire SJC’s lease with the County of Sonoma, subject to Board approval,

(Asleep at the wheel, on the take, or both, you decide.)


along with SJC’s leasehold improvements (general aviation terminal, fuel farm, and improvements to the Redwood Hangar), -Can you spell toxic waste cleanup?


and the latter, (They must have meant ladder, because it will take many steps and rungs to figure out the real crime boss.)


which, after closing, will do business as Sonoma Jet Center, (Yet another Mob Run Enterprise.)


to sublease the entire leasehold from Redwood Hangar, LLC, (to further abdicate any shred of responsibility for the damage we will cause.)


subject to Board approval, (bought and paid for or cowed into submission.)


for the purpose of operating the FBO business. (Complete strangers given the keys to hover over sleeping taxpayers at will and to make and perpetrate any kind of aerial disturbance they see fit.)

South River Aviation, LLC, Redwood Hangar, LLC, and New Sonoma FBO, Inc., are all inter-related entities, all owned in part and managed by Joshua Hochberg; Meet the straw man.


The acquisition is being funded solely through the equity investment of the company’s stockholders. What company are they referring to and who are the stockholders, where is the data?


Reasons for Recommendation

SJC desires to assign its leasehold interest at the Airport, and has complied with its lease obligations for so doing (Oh really? What obligations did the Sonoma County Board require, virtually ZERO.)


and SRA, via Redwood Hangar, LLC, and New Sonoma FBO, Inc., is financially and otherwise capable of successfully operating an FBO at the Airport. "What proof of this statement, other than the generous contributions to the board members, is offered?"

Recommendation: Authorize the Chair to: (1) execute the Second Amendment to the July 13, 2004, Lease between the County of Sonoma and Sonoma Jet Center, in order to correct a misalignment of airport taxilane and lease line; (2) execute the Consent to Sonoma Jet Center’s assignment of its Lease to Redwood Hangar, LLC; (3) execute the Consent to Redwood Hangar’s sublease to New Sonoma FBO; and (4) authorize the Director of Transportation and Public Works to execute any other documents reasonably required to effect said assignment (Fourth Supervisorial District). Roll over, fetch, now play dead spot!


County Of Sonoma Agenda Item Summary Report Department: Transportation & Public Works - Airport 4/5 Vote Not Required Contact: Jon Stout John Merget 565-3633 Phone: 565-7243 Board Date: 7/13/2010 Deadline for Board Action: 7/13/2010 AGENDA SHORT TITLE: Second Amendment and Assignment of Airport Lease

County Of Sonoma

Agenda Item

Summary Report

Department: Transportation & Public Works - Airport 4/5 Vote Not Required


Jon Stout

John Merget 565-3633



Board Date:


Deadline for Board Action:


AGENDA SHORT TITLE: Second Amendment and Assignment of Airport Lease

REQUESTED BOARD ACTION: Authorize the Chair to: (1) execute the Second Amendment to the July 13,

2004, Lease between the County of Sonoma and Sonoma Jet Center, in order to correct a misalignment of airport

taxilane and lease line; (2) execute the Consent to Sonoma Jet Center’s assignment of its Lease to Redwood Hangar,

LLC; (3) execute the Consent to Redwood Hangar’s sublease to New Sonoma FBO; and (4) authorize the Director of

Transportation and Public Works to execute any other documents reasonably required to effect said assignment (Fourth

Supervisorial District).




Âu contraire!


Here, for the edification of the Director of Transportation and Public Works of the County of Sonoma is only a partial a list of some of the many, many fiscal impacts of this airport lease upon concerned Sonoma County Residents:

1. Mr. Birdlebough: Thank you, Mr. Chairman and Members. I am Steve Birdlebough with the Sierra Club. Our concern is that lengthening runways and the additional aircraft to twenty-one flights a day is going to affect the goose that’s laying the golden egg. Sonoma County is a magnet for tourists because they are looking for quiet, they are looking for country, they are looking for open space. They are not really looking for a lot of jet aircraft that are coming in and out every day.

2. MR. Hopkins: My name is Robert Hopkins. And I am a fifty-year-plus airport neighbor. I agree with the previous speaker in terms of killing the goose that laid the golden egg. Sonoma County is attractive because of the beauty of the area, because of the vineyards, because of the quiet, and we need to make sure that we don’t disrupt that to the point where it is like everywhere else in the state and people are not going to want to come here to visit. Thank you.

3. MS BEVERLY SCHENCK: Hello. My name is Beverly Schenck and I live south of the airport. I live on Laughlin Road in one of the Laughlin homes that are over one hundred fifty years old. And by this proposal of removing some of the land to the south and it’s going to be on a voluntary basis, I find very ironic. People have lived in these homes and their families have lived in these homes for over a hundred years.

4. But my concern is about Airport Boulevard where that has not been expanded. And so our infrastructure will not meet the needs of this expansion, which normally the county develops – proposes growth without having their infrastructure expanded. The Airport Boulevard is not and cannot and will not meet the needs of an expansion of an airport. We do not need a runway to accommodate the same size jets that we find in San Francisco or Oakland Airports. We do not need to take away people’s homes to expand their hangers for the wealthy that don’t pay a fair share of taxes on their jets. We don’t need to compete against these large carriers. We don’t need this expansion, this extensive expansion. Why do you have to go to this huge development plan?

5. MR. MUMM- Good evening. My name is Gary Mumm. I can’t stand here tonight and offer you millions of dollars in revenue. Clearly, there is two fashions here, Ladies and Gentleman. There are those who stand to profit from this and there are those that don’t. There are people here this evening whose families go back over a hundred years in this area. It may not mean anything to a lot of people who stand to profit by a larger airport, but it means a lot to us.

6. As a voluntary business decision, Sonoma Jet Center now desires to sell its assets at the Airport and has entered into a sales agreement with South River Aviation, LLC.

7. SJC incurred approximately $330,000 in clean-up costs, the County’s participation in which was negotiated at $80,660 in base rent abatement over a 60-month period, plus the provision of two (2) additional lease renewal option periods of five (5) years each.

8. MS. OLSON: Yes. Good evening. My name is Rosemary Olson. I am a resident on Shiloh Greens and have been there for thirteen years. We are on a free ride and I am very perplexed about that and how through all of these reports there is no commentary on the quality of life of the hundreds of families – not the sixteen thousand jobs that keep, you know, being pounded into our heads tonight – but hundreds of families will be impacted by this twenty-four seven if this expansion goes through with these plans. And that’s what we need to consider. You consider people’s lives first. Thank you.

9. MR. STOUT: The EIR identified seven properties – I believe it’s seven properties that would be impacted by changes in the noise contours. Those properties would be significantly impacted. Properties within the fifty-five decibel contour, over the life of the project, they would experience, I believe, a plus-three decibel increase in the CNEL level (Community Noise Equivalent Level). They would be considered a significant impact. So the mitigation would be to finalize our Airport Approach Protection Plan and identify mitigation measures should we get to those thresholds, such as sound insulation, acquisition and aviation easements.

10. Thank you. My name is Rob Shiperly. I have lived in this area for twenty-seven years…we are really in the “V” of the runway pattern and we are about two miles out. The airport has their consultants. You know, the airport has its consultants. The people that own the commercial property around the airport have their people, but we are all individual people, ;

11. MR. CRABB: Mark Crabb. I am a Windsor resident, but I am also the director of sales for the Tourism Bureau here in Sonoma County. …The bigger thing is we have 16,000 jobs that are affected by tourism. It’s an $80 million government tax business for the County of Sonoma. It’s a $1.4 billion industry for the County. …The actual airport project itself and expansion is very important, I think, to the economy for Sonoma County and its future…because we have a lot of mom-and-pops that really depend on those travelers coming into this area. So we look forward to see this expansion done so that we can actually bring in more tourists into our area that we call temporary taxpayers, because when they come in, they spend their money, they pay the taxes and they go home.  ;

12.MR CALKINS: My name is Brad Calkins. I live in Santa Rosa and I am the executive director of the Santa Rosa Convention and Visitors Bureau and we feel that commercial service is critical to the growth of the hospitality and tourism industry. In Santa Rosa alone, transient occupancy tax for 2010 – that’s guests who come to visit Santa Rosa – was over 3.2 million into the general fund. That helps pay for those emergency services; the fire, the police, the parks, the roads and everything. As a gentleman stated earlier, it’s over 1.35 million in economic impact to Sonoma County. But what does that mean? That goes a lot beyond those 16,000 jobs. Those 16,000-plus people have banking. We use the local banks and facilities. We rent and own homes here. We go grocery shopping, support the local grocery stores or farm stands. We all pay taxes. We support the local retail. We are shopping at retail. We are eating out at restaurants. We have accountants, financial planners. We use transportation, public transportation. We own cars. We spend money on gas. Some of our kids even go to school right here in Windsor. In fact, the majority of us even have to go and get a haircut. So think of how long and how far those 16,000 jobs and what that economic impact extends to and how we can help growth.

13. I believe it was Steven Thornberg who just did a study who said hospitality is going to help lead Sonoma County out of what we are right now and where we are right now through that economic help. And with travel going East, we can provide a lot more visitors a hassle-free incentive to come here with fewer connections. With an increased commercial service, we can open up new markets. Right now, actually today, United Vacations did a special from Seattle. Well imagine how we could do special vacations from Denver alone. Think of the possibilities and the amount of visitors we can attract and how that can help grow and spur the economics of the tourism and hospitality industry.

14. Also, don’t forget: Just because one airline comes in – they have coach air partners. So all those coach air partners now would have the opportunity to market to their people to bring them to Sonoma County and Santa Rosa and help increase and improve our economic independence and spend here in Sonoma County.  ;

15. MR. WEBER: My name is Jeff Weber. I am the public affairs manager for Agilent Technology in Sonoma County. I also serve on the Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and am leading the Chamber’s Task Force on the Sonoma County Airport. The Chamber believes that, if approved, the safety improvements and runway lengthening outlined in the revised 2011 Airport Master Plan will be instrumental in creating new jobs in Sonoma County. A safer, more modern airport with additional flights will bring more visitors and perhaps new companies to our area, both of which we believe would help increase employment and improve our economy in Sonoma County.

16. Not only would airport expansion create new jobs, we believe it would help existing companies be more successful and grow their business here, and my company is a good example. Over the past year, Agilent employees in Santa Rosa ad other Bay Area locations took more than 400 flights from San Francisco and Oakland Airport to Denver International Airport, which is close to other major Agilent facilities in Colorado and is one possible destination with the airport expansion. In addition, Agilent employees in Colorado took more than 600 flights from Denver to San Francisco and Oakland. That’s more than a thousand flights and approximately one-third of them involved employees who tend to spend up to two hours driving between the airport and our facility in Santa Rosa. Having direct flights between Sonoma County and Denver would cut these commute to ten minutes, allowing our employees to spend more time inventing and making our products and selling them to our customers and growing our business here in Sonoma County, please be aware of the positive impact that additional flights would have in creating Sonoma County jobs and enabling our existing companies to maximize their success.

17. MR. CLARK: Hello. I am Robert Clark. I live and have lived on – just near the south-end of Chalk Hill Road for the past 23 years. That’s underneath the Delwin Lakeford (phonetic) police jet traffic landing on Runway 14. I am also the owner and president of a flight school at the Sonoma County Airport and I travel throughout the county as an engineer. I support the impact on the economy that we really need both in construction and for the tourist traffic and our own local population traffic, air traffic that would be a part of this expansion. I have pilots and students and renters out on those runways many times every day.

18. MR. BROPHY: My name is Paul Brophy. My company is EGS, Inc., which has been established in Sonoma County since 1995. It is a small Business, less than ten employees. I think this is a critical development for business, particularly in our current economic climate, and very important for the development of jobs in our area. Anything that would allow easier travel arrangements, as has been expressed by Jeff Weber from Agilent, is going to help business in this County.

19. MR. LENTZ: Hi, my name is Gary Lentz and I live in Santa Rosa. As a.director at the largest independent CPA firm in the North Bay and as a father of five, I am very interested – and somebody who is aware of the eleven per cent unemployment rate in this county, I am very excited about the possibility of us opening up and expanding the airport. And you know the tax revenes and the things we need to keep our roads, you know, strong and good and to keep our schools strong and all that, that has got to come from somewhere and we’ve got to have people working. We’ve got to have people being able to make a living there.

20. MS DARCY:My name is Terry Darcy of Santa Rosa. I am representing small businesses in general. My husband and I own a mom-and-pop jewelry store and believe it or not, having the airport expansion will affect us in a positive way. We have vendors, we have clients that will fly in directly. We don’t have the big impact, but the big impact comes from improving our economy.  ;

21. MR. HOCHBERG: Hi, my name is Josh Hochberg and I am president of the Sonoma Jet Center at the Sonoma County Airport. It brings in major Federal dollars in a time when we can – most need it for a big project and it increases economic vitality. The airport has obviously studied the environmental impacts at considerable expense already.

We are bullish on aviation in Sonoma County (Said the president of South River Aviation and New Sonoma FBO Inc.) Sonoma County Airport’s central location in the heart of the wine country and close proximity to northern California’s business centers make this a great airport for business and pleasure travel.”And finally…it enables us to have better air service that everyone can afford back to the East Coast and places other than along the West Coast.


South River Aviation, Ltd.- 778 MONTEBELLO DR SANTA ROSA, CA 95403  (609) 924-2781

Business Info: Founded 2010 Incorporated

Annual Revenue: $103,230.00 (This is yet another in this seemingly endless list of undeclared and undisclosed financial impacts from this highly questionable airport lease made by The County Of Sonoma Department Of Transportation & Public Works! Who greased their palms?)

Employee: Count 2

Industries: Airports, Flying Fields, And Services ContactsCounty Of Sonoma Department Of Transportation & Public Works


To have missed so many elephants in the room by declaring on their sworn official county documents "CURRENT FISCAL YEAR FINANCIAL IMPACT - None.", must indicate what. either; ignorance on a monumental scale very advanced even for a government official, or corruption so well paying, that there could have been no question that all concerned mustn't look such a gift horse in the mouth?














Explanation (if required): None.

Prior Board Action: 12/11/07: Approved First Amendment to Lease; 07/13/04: Approved Lease to Sonoma

Jet Center; 12/09/03: Closed Session

Alternatives – Results of Non-Approval: a) No alternatives to consideration of a request for consent to

assignment are applicable. SJC desires to assign its leasehold interest at the Airport, and has complied with

its lease obligations for so doing. SRA, via Redwood Hangar, LLC and New Sonoma FBO, Inc., is

financially and otherwise capable of successfully operating an FBO at the Airport; b) The inadvertent

misalignment of taxilane and lease line would remain uncorrected.


Sonoma Jet Center FBO

Pursuant to its July 13, 2004, long-term lease with the County, Sonoma Jet Center, LLC (“SJC”;) developed

and currently operates Sonoma Jet Center as one of two Fixed Based Operators (“FBO”;) at the Charles M.

Schulz-Sonoma County Airport (“Airport”;). The other FBO at the Airport is Santa Rosa Jet

Center/KaiserAir. Sonoma Jet Center is located at 6000 and 6030 Flightline Drive and is comprised of a

3.87-acre portion of Apron C, the FBO development of which included major upgrades to the vintage/historic

“Redwood Hangar” (a 12,608 SF aircraft maintenance and storage hangar); construction of a new, 2,900

square foot general aviation terminal; and, installation of a state of the art fuel storage and dispensing facility.

The lease with SJC was first amended on December 11, 2007, to reflect the negotiated agreement between

the County and SJC as to the cost of clean-up of contaminated soils encountered by SJC in the construction

of its general aviation terminal. The possibility of unanticipated soil contamination and remediation costs

had been contemplated in the original lease, under Section 5.4(b) Further Negotiations on Account of Certain

Soil Conditions. The soil contamination apparently resulted from routine aircraft parking in the vicinity of

the Redwood Hangar over an extended period of time; consequently, there was no responsible party to whom

the County could turn for the clean-up costs. SJC incurred approximately $330,000 in clean-up costs, the

County’s participation in which was negotiated at $80,660 (= A CURRENT FISCAL YEAR FINANCIAL IMPACT,)in base rent abatement over a 60-month period,

plus the provision of two (2) additional lease renewal option periods of five (5) years each. The original

lease was for a 15-year term, with one (1) renewal option at five (5) years. Per the first amendment and

assuming tenant’s exercise of all three (3) lease renewal options, the amended lease term would be for thirty

(30) years.

Second Amendment to Lease

The proposed second amendment to the lease pertains to an inadvertent misalignment of airport taxilane and

lease line, whereby approximately five (5) feet of taxilane are located within the southerly portion of the land

area legally described in the original lease as the Leased Premises. This misalignment is corrected by a new

legal description for the leased premises, with a resultant reduction in the land area of the Leased Premises

from 3.87 acres to 3.80 acres. Ground rent for the Leased Premises is reduced commensurately.

Sale of Sonoma Jet Center

Sonoma Jet Center has been a solid asset for the Airport and an excellent tenant for the County. As a

voluntary business decision, Sonoma Jet Center now desires to sell its assets at the Airport and has entered

into a sales agreement with South River Aviation, LLC.

South River Aviation, LLC

South River Aviation, LLC (“SRA”;) is an aviation-related investment company formed in 2002 for the

purpose of identifying and acquiring an existing FBO which met its very conservative business acquisition

parameters. Its prospective acquisition of Sonoma Jet Center would be its first such acquisition. SRA has

entered into a purchase and sale agreement with SJC for its FBO assets at the Airport, which agreement is

contingent upon the County’s approval of an assignment of the lease from SJC to a subsidiary corporation of

SRA. SRA has formed two California entities specifically for the subject acquisition. These entities are

Redwood Hangar, LLC and New Sonoma FBO, Inc., the former to acquire SJC’s lease with the County of

Sonoma, subject to Board approval, along with SJC’s leasehold improvements (general aviation terminal,

fuel farm, and improvements to the Redwood Hangar), and the latter, which, after closing, will do business as

Sonoma Jet Center, to sublease the entire leasehold from Redwood Hangar, LLC, subject to Board approval,

for the purpose of operating the FBO business. South River Aviation, LLC, Redwood Hangar, LLC, and

New Sonoma FBO, Inc., are all inter-related entities, all owned in part and managed by Joshua Hochberg.

The acquisition is being funded solely through the equity investment of the company’s stockholders.

Consequently, the new Sonoma Jet Center will be virtually debt free from day one. Additionally, the

company will have on-hand working capital equal to approximately six months of fixed expense. New

Sonoma FBO, Inc. will retain Sonoma Jet Center’s current employees, including its on-site management

team. Except for the second lease amendment discussed above, there are no changes to the original SJC

lease and first amendment thereof.

As a matter of information only, the month-to-month lease between the County and SJC for ramp area

adjacent to its FBO will be terminated, and a new month-to-month lease established with Redwood Hangar,

LLC. This ramp area is utilized for transient aircraft parking during peak air traffic periods. Additionally,

the month-to-month lease covers a portion of ramp area utilized for FBO fuel truck parking.

Reasons for Recommendation

SJC desires to assign its leasehold interest at the Airport, and has complied with its lease obligations for so

doing and SRA, via Redwood Hangar, LLC, and New Sonoma FBO, Inc., is financially and otherwise

capable of successfully operating an FBO at the Airport. The second lease amendment corrects an

inadvertent misalignment of taxilane and lease line.

Recommendation: Authorize the Chair to: (1) execute the Second Amendment to the July 13, 2004, Lease

between the County of Sonoma and Sonoma Jet Center, in order to correct a misalignment of airport taxilane

and lease line; (2) execute the Consent to Sonoma Jet Center’s assignment of its Lease to Redwood Hangar,

LLC; (3) execute the Consent to Redwood Hangar’s sublease to New Sonoma FBO; and (4) authorize the

Director of Transportation and Public Works to execute any other documents reasonably required to effect

said assignment (Fourth Supervisorial District).

Attachments: None

On File With Clerk: (1) Second Amendment to Lease; (2) Consent to Assignment Agreement; and (3)

Consent to Sublease Agreement


California Penal Code 115 PC - Filing False Documents

California Penal Code 115 PC makes it a crime to knowingly file, register or record a false or forged document with a government office in the state.1


Probably the most common form of this California fraud crime is the filing of false or forged real estate deeds or deeds of trust—a variation on the crime of real estate fraud.2


However, you may be accused of filing false documents for filing, recording or registering virtually any kind of false or forged document in a California public office.3




Here are some examples of situations where defendants could be charged with filing a false document under Penal Code 115:


A woman forges a notarized deed transferring ownership of her elderly father's house to her and files it with the county clerk.

A house painter, angry with one of his clients, creates a fraudulent mechanic's lien for money the client does not actually owe him and files it with the county clerk.

The owner of a fishing boat files false fishing activity records with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.



Filing false or forged documents is a California felony.4


The potential penalties include sixteen (16) months, two (2) years or three (3) years in California state prison, and/or a fine of up to ten thousand dollars ($10,000).5


You may also face an additional fine of up to seventy-five thousand dollars ($75,000) if the alleged false document affects title to or places an encumbrance or mortgage on a single-family residence.6


In addition, filing false or fraudulent documents could be considered a crime of moral turpitude—which means that a conviction for PC 115 may have immigration consequences for non-citizen defendants.7


Legal defenses


If you or a loved one is charged with filing a false document, you will certainly benefit from the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney who can help you assert one of the following common legal defenses:


You had consent to file the document;

You didn't know that the document was false or forged; and/or

You were falsely accused.

In order to help you better understand the crime of filing false or forged documents in California, our California criminal defense attorneys will address the following:


1. Legal Definition of Filing False Documents

2. Penalties for Penal Code 115 Filing a False Document

2.1. Sentence enhancements

2.2. Immigration consequences of a filing false documents conviction

3. Legal Defenses to Charges of Filing False or Forged Documents

4. PC 115 and Related Offenses

4.1. Senior fraud

4.2. PC 470 forgery

4.3. PC 118 perjury

4.4. VC 10501 false reports of auto theft

If, after reading this article, you would like more information, we invite you to contact us at Shouse Law Group.


california forgery deed law

California Penal Code 115 PC makes it a crime to knowingly file, register or record a false or forged document with a government office in the state.

1. Legal Definition of Filing False Documents

The legal definition of California Penal Code 115 filing a false or forged document consists of the following “elements of the crime” (that is, facts that the prosecutor must prove in order for you to be guilty of this offense):

You either a) offered a false or forged document for filing, recording or registration in a public office in California, or b) caused a false or forged document to be filed, recorded or registered in a public office in California;

When you did so, you knew that the document was false or forged; and

The document was one that, if genuine, could have been filed, recorded or registered in a California public office.8

Let's take a closer look at these elements in order to better understand how the legal definition of filing false documents works.


Offered or causing a document to be filed


You can be found guilty of filing false documents if you either:


Offer a document for filing, recording or registration; or

Cause a document to be filed, recorded or registered.9

“Offering” a document simply means that you present it to a government office to be filed, recorded or registered. If it does not actually get filed, you could still be convicted of PC 115 (as opposed to the lesser offense of attempting to file a false document).


Example: Araceli goes to the county clerk's office in her rural county to record a real estate deed. The deed is signed and notarized and transfers some land owned by Araceli's mother to Araceli herself.


But the county clerk is suspicious because he knows that Araceli and her mother haven't spoken in years. So he calls the notary public whose seal is on the deed. The notary claims that she did not actually notarize this deed and her seal and signature must have been forged.


Upon hearing this, the county clerk does not record the deed. Instead, he contacts the police.


Araceli can be convicted of filing a false document even though she did not succeed in getting the deed recorded—because she offered the deed for recording in a government office.


An open filing cabinet with documents showing

You violate California Penal Code 115 when you either present for filing, or cause to be filed, a false or forged document.

You can also be convicted of filing false or forged papers if you cause a document to be filed, recorded or registered. This means that you do not need to have done the filing yourself—you can cause someone else to do it for you.10


Example: Scott runs a foreclosure fraud scheme targeting immigrants whose English is poor and who are behind on their mortgage payments. He tells his victims that he will help them avoid foreclosure by negotiating reduced payments with their bank.


Scott presents documents for his victims to sign and claims that these simply give him permission to negotiate with the bank on their behalf. In fact these documents are deeds that transfer ownership of the victims' homes to Scott.


Scott works closely with his secretary Michelle, who is a notary. She travels with Scott to his victims' homes and notarizes the deeds that they sign. Then what typically happens is that Michelle will drive the victim to the county clerk's office, without Scott, and she and the victim will file the deed together.


Scott is not actually filing the false deeds himself. But he is still guilty of Penal Code 115 PC filing false deeds, because he causes Michelle and the victims to do the filing.


False or forged documents


Penal Code 115 PC applies to a broad range of documents that may be filed or recorded in government offices.11


Specifically, California's law against filing false instruments applies to any false or forged document if either of the following is true:


The information contained in the document is of such a nature that the government is required or permitted by law to rely on it; or

The information contained in the document materially affects the rights of third parties, in a way that is contemplated by the law or regulation providing for the document to be filed in a public office.12

Mortgage loan document with a set of keys on top

It is common for filing false documents cases to involve mortgage fraud.

According to City of Orange fraud crimes defense attorney John Murray13:


“The classic PC 115 case involves real estate documents like title deeds or deeds of trust. But the fact is that prosecutors can charge you with filing false instruments over pretty much any kind of document that is commonly filed or recorded with a government office. The penalties under this statute are pretty tough, and in recent years prosecutors have been relying on it in a wider variety of cases.”


Here are some examples, drawn from actual cases, of less-intuitive uses of PC 115 to prosecute defendants:


Example: Mike and his ex-girlfriend Donna have a rocky relationship, and each has accused the other of domestic abuse.


Mike persuades a family law judge to issue him a temporary restraining order that will prevent Donna from contacting or harassing him. Mike is responsible for filing the order with the marshal's office. On his way there, he alters the TRO to add the additional condition that Donna's new boyfriend Paul stay away from both him and Donna.


The marshal suspects that the altered TRO has been tampered with and contacts the police instead of serving it on Donna and Paul.


Mike is guilty of California Penal Code 115 filing false documents for filing an altered (forged) TRO with the marshal's office.14 

Example: After pleading guilty to a California misdemeanor, Iris is placed on misdemeanor (summary) probation. One of the conditions of her probation is that she perform a specified number of community service hours.

Iris is referred to a community service center for this requirement. It turns out that this center has earned a reputation for filling out forms for probationers claiming that they have completed community service hours that they haven't actually completed.


Iris happily makes use of this service. She repeatedly files with the probation office forms stating that she has performed volunteer work that she hasn't actually performed.


Iris can be found guilty of filing false documents under California Penal Code 115 for submitting these documents.15


Knowing that the document was false or forged


You are not guilty of filing a false or forged document unless you knew that the document was false or forged.16


This is often the hardest element to prove in a Penal Code 115 PC case. Without knowledge, there is no guilt.


Example: Let's return to the example of Scott above. Scott runs a foreclosure fraud scam that involves persuading people facing foreclosure to sign over title to their property.


Scott's secretary Michelle is usually the one who actually records the deeds. But Michelle's English is not particularly good, and she does not know that the documents she is recording are anything other than what Scott says they are.


If Michelle is charged with filing false documents, she can probably fight the charges by arguing that she did not record the deeds knowingly.


a gavel on top of a printed contract

You are only guilty of recording a false or forged document if you knew the document was false or forged.

2. Penalties for Penal Code 115 Filing a False Document

Filing false documents is a California felony. The potential penalties are:


Felony (formal) probation;

Sixteen (16) months, two (2) years or three (3) years in California state prison; and/or

A fine of up to ten thousand dollars ($10,000).17

It is important to note that you can be charged with a separate count of filing false documents for each document you offer for filing/recording. This is true even if the documents are closely related to each other.18


AND you will not be eligible to receive a sentence of probation if either of the following are true:


You have a prior conviction for violating California Penal Code 115 PC; or

You are convicted of more than one count of PC 115, and your actions resulted in a total loss to a victim or victims of more than one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000).19

2.1. Sentence enhancements

There are a number of sentence—and fine—enhancements that could apply to a PC 115 conviction.


First, if the false or forged document affects title to or places an encumbrance or mortgage on a single-family residence with up to four (4) residential units, then you may face an additional fine of up to seventy-five thousand dollars ($75,000).20


Second, if your actions end up depriving a victim or victims of more than sixty-five thousand dollars ($65,000)—and the prosecutor can prove that you intended to cause that loss—then you may face an additional and consecutive sentence of one (1) to four (4) years in prison.21


Third, you will face California's so-called “aggravated white collar crime enhancement” if all of the following are true:


You are convicted of two (2) or more felonies involving fraud or embezzlement (one of which can be PC 115 filing false or forged documents) in the same criminal proceeding;

The felonies are part of a pattern of related criminal conduct;

The felonies are committed either against two (2) or more separate victims, or against the same victim on two (2) or more separate occasions; and

Your actions are alleged to have deprived the victim or victims of more than one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000).22

This aggravated white collar crime enhancement can lead to an additional one (1) to five (5) years in state prison, and/or an additional fine of as much as five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000) or double the amount of the fraud (whichever is greater).23


Handcuffs sitting on a paper with the center focusing on the word "fraud"

Filing false documents with intent to defraud is a crime of moral turpitude.

2.2. Immigration consequences of a filing false documents conviction

If the prosecutor can prove that you acted with “intent to defraud,” then a conviction for filing a false or forged document will be considered a crime involving moral turpitude.24


This means that defendants who are not American citizens may face immigration consequences if they are convicted of PC 115 filing a false instrument.




You may face deportation if you are convicted of filing false documents with intent to defraud within five (5) years of being admitted to the United States;25

You may face deportation if you are convicted of Penal Code 115 with intent to defraud and you already have a conviction for another “crime involving moral turpitude” on your record;26 and

You will be deemed “inadmissible” for only one conviction of a crime of moral turpitude, no matter when it occurs. Being “inadmissible” means that you cannot re-enter the country after leaving, become a U.S. citizen, or apply for a green card.27

In addition, a conviction for a crime of moral turpitude can have serious consequences for your professional license if you are in certain professions (such as lawyer, doctor, etc.).


Signing a false contract

Consent to file the document is a potential defense to filing false document charges.


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The police are great at shooting unarmed blacks. The systemic murders of whom are easily talked off by smug spokespersons backed by the practiced paper shuffling of the white police chief, who in turn is greatly enriched materially by cleverly disquised bribery all up and down the rickety ladders of justice. If we can't have justice here in the USA then there is much less chance of it occuring elsewhere. Justice would see some police chiefs hang, at least euphemistically. And just who or what are the police anyway? To blacks, who know just what type of rough treatment they can expect when dealing with the police, they must be a double edged sword at best. At worst the pitiless executioner's gun of a entirely different agency than the one that the Sonoma county sheriff and santa Rosa police are purporting to represent. With the current labor shortage the gene pool is obviously getting very thin as flagrant false emgencies and colluding with organized crime continues to run rampant in sonoma county. Ultimately no one polices the police except other biased police????. Sheepish, the townspeople always roll over to their protectors/oppressors' final proclamations. In the courts, on the desk, in the computer's memory, things are tidied up and sanitized for public consumption. Resigned to accept the Sonoma county sheriff's authoritaritive declarations that teenager Andrew Gomez was not used for target practice but got what was coming to him for his provacations.The spokespersons of course phrased that gist differently. Until the various departments of law enforcement submit to a true civilian oversight committee, one with real power to impose disicpline, by way of fines, fireings and other tools to punish errant public officers, justice, will continue to elude the public. In the final analysis, the police can and do what they wish, with but an occasional slap upon the wrist. Whereas exemplfying the fondness for her kind by humans, Miss Piggy may have her vices but she would never even think of such excess and yeah utter delight in inflicting acts of cruelty upon helpless victims. Couple that with virtually unlimited funding and you get the motivation for this blog. The only voice in the wilderness willing to call a spade a spade. The populace was complacent in nazi Germany as well about the similar activities of their "peace officers". Ikkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Ask the Evans' family of sf if they think the police are too powerful. Lp But if the great and powerful san francisco police force can't even stop the bodacious crime of smashing a car window in broad daylight, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, then how can the beleaguered taxpayer have even a prayer they can solve the more subtle crimes whose solutions are not quite so obvious. The answer is unfortunately that they have no such hope for a successful entreaty.........................................................................................................It is perhaps appropriate that evidence rhymes with dance. As that is what these omnivores do with the evidence. But it is time to set the record straight. It is wholely inappropriate to besmirch the good name and reputation of these noble creatures. :// For ? these noble creatures... who daily give their all to feed millions. They never stray from their mission to feed the hungry masses. By comparing and associating them with such unworthy louts as the law enforcement officers of Sonoma, Napa, Marin, San Francisco and Solano Counties, who enforce a slanted, white supremacist leaning peace, we make dirty the clean muck of their pen confined innocence. And isn't it comforting to know that the police are the same on the right coast as well and that they are such great ambassadors for our American values and way of life! In fact, police are corrupt everywhere, even to the sunny country south of the border. Whereas Piglet is kind and thoughtful, always supportive of Winnie. The personage of the kind and benevolent police man, however attractive, is even more of a fantasy. ??????****??????*???**********************************************???********************************************************************************"""""""""""""********************""**"""*""""""???******???********************************************************************************************************************""""""""********************************** There are many police chiefs and fire chiefs in those communities, prancing around in their fancy uniforms. They love to be seen as always doing the right thing. Yet inwardly the same are ravening wolves, sucking up the taxpayer's dollars with: exorbitant benefits, sick pay, vacations, new cars, homes on the cheap, tax write-offs, phony medical leaves, fake injuries and questionable overtime pay and oversight. The state, city's and counties treasuries bleed dry but yet remains open for still more loot for these scoundrels. Until at this rate Stockton's financial model becomes the norm. To such an extent that rather than the taxpayers being in charge of the life saving police and fire departments, the long laundry list of entitlements that those organizations have clawed from their treasuries means that the citizens of the above communities are now quite at the mercy of their alleged servants. Because who else gets the kind of cushy benefits that they do except their bedmates, the city council and county councils. If you could create and then vote to approve your own benefits, without having to worry about actually paying for them, they would probably look a lot like what the former receive. Will the Novato police ever know what it's like to be corruption free, hardly? If a magic wand were to be waved and all corruption removed from Novato public safety, they would not have enough manpower or funding to continue. Taxpayers may certainly rest easy on that account because no magic is that powerful. Those policeman's unions mentioned above have become so powerful that the tail may wag the dog at will. Who employs the cotati and Rohnert Park Police department's, alledgedly the taxpayers? That dogma long ago escaped the pound. The two nay multiple headed police; benevolent peacekeepers, always giving back to the community, rah, rah, or corrupt mob gouging citizens for protection? Conversely, the faithful artidactyl are never found conspiring against their masters, passing from generation to generation without incident. Organized crime employs the police and have for decades. It has long fallen to the police to cover up the atrocities of government. Even since the early days of san francisco the police have been the willing enforcers of organized crime. To this very day. And so it remains business as usual. "take care of him and make it look like he fell in the shower." is no rare case of a rogue deputy but in fact a common practice by law enforcement officials on the take. The same M.O. was successfully employed several years back in the case of A German WW II VETERAN, Helmut, a spry senior who lived in a Ukiah mobile home park where the police there most sanitarily disposed of the vet. Even if they somehow decided to find god and become honest police officers once again, they will be scourged and worse by the rank and file. Now you know why they call them "rank." The question becomes; which chief of police is willing to take the fall for all of the generations of charges of conspiracy to commit murder of African Americans swept under the carpet by the police chiefs of yore up until the very present day? ¿¿¿¿??¿???¿¿??????????????????????? The scale of which approaches that inflicted upon the American Indians. Ultimately in effect, haven't the African Americans been confined to reservations also? The great disparity between the rates of encarceration for similar offenses by whites over blacks and the gettos would so indicate. Ever since the successful genocide practiced upon the American Indian and perhaps needing another outlet for their craft, or more probably to secure the blessings of white supremacy for all, a similar expedient was employed upon the African Americans through constant jailings, gettos and segregation. Foremost amongst modern practicioners of the above is the American policeman, sometimes dubbed "Sheriff". The answer then and now of course remains no one. Up until recently with the Advent of the smart phone era, the ritual killing of blacks was brazenly and virtually systemic. The ever growing mountain of evidence that the police regularly engage in the ritualistic murder of African Americans to satisfy their occultist crime boss, though indisputable, remains an extinct elephant in the courts of justice. That because like the police, the lawyers and possibly even the judges will enforce a white slanted verdict. Because when it comes down to it, they still cringe at the thought of their daughters marrying one. In the good old days before smart phones began to spoil the party, the practice of the ritualistic murder of African Americans was brazenly systemic. Today's proliferation of cameras everywhere is producing evidence of the rountinely carried out murders by the police that have gone on since when, the restoration? The ever growing mountain of reports of unarmed blacks gunned down by the blood thirsty police. With such incidents now commonplace in the media's, the world has finally caught a glimpse of, what, exactly? The condemnation long due these white supremacists, it is hoped may yet arrive as the me too movement has. Dream on. It is not the police proper but clans that have so grown that weed like, they can choke off justice at will. It is well for blacks to remember that lady justice is Lily White. Who always stands by and blindly rubber stamps the ping pong game between the various police and sheriff departments that ensues when ever a peace officer, rather than dealing with the hassle of real police work, kills the minority citizen and pins the crime he needs to solve on the corpse, case closed.???? That of course would be your friendly neighborhood city council members. Always pleased to help a member of the sonoma police force, no matter how corrupt he or she may be.There being no statute of limitations on murder, again the author inquires who amongst the murderous elements of the generations of above mentioned police forces will step up and point the finger of accusations where and with whom they belong? The former continue to permit it to go on and on and on. Who will be a real man before the people and his Creator and finally provide a clue to the identity of his crime boss and the secret goings on of the police forces above and how they so skill fully play the cover up game? Answer: None of the above. Not one from Sodom, Mordor or even Petaluma's ivory towers where the police are truly controlled from will break their criminal oathes. And breaking their sacred oathes? No problem on that one. There's even a special this month. ???********************************************************************************???***************************************************************** Just what liberties do those that enforce the law in the above mentioned localities take in order to maintain the order? And what sort of order has been imposed upon the blacks and other minorities? A tight knit group of police chiefs and other entities have conspired these many years to affect a kind of cultural genocide of the African American community and not without some success. For the most part holding them in place. That of course will be no surprise to them. But even as a white person I don't like it. If you think about it it kind of makes sense. After dispensing with the American Indian the bureaucratic machinery for genocide was already in place. Whereas the beloved tv character arnold ziffle represents the love and admiration that these noble farm animals inspire in folks. So don't compare him to the police, OK? More circumstantial evidence that the genus Sus, within the even-toed ungulate family Suidaes are far above the police on the evolutionary chain of righteousness. Should we run from knowledge? Maybe so. For our convenient preconceptions about the SAN FRANCISCO, Napa and Sonoma Marin police agencies are best described by a ms. slick;
When the truth is found to be lies... For who employs the public safety officer but the taxpayers. The runnaway entitlements that have been bestowed upon the policeman's unions of those above mentioned organizations begin to look a lot like organized criminals demanding protection money from the sheepish townspeople. If it quacks like a duck..,............................................,...................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... Through a system of thievery, a network of deception, bound together by a crime boss out of Brooklyn NY. The former check cashing, armored car and money order magnet turned criminal through creative accounting maintains an ingenious system of corruption. A student of crime and an admirer of al capone, he's assembled a similar network as the former kingpin of the windy city. Such a system requires loot. And plenty of it. During his time as a check casher, he became a one stop shop for money. Dispensing it freely to the Police of Jamaica Queens, Brooklyn and beyond. Until at this writing he commands his own private army of corrupt officials to such an extent that he considers himself a king and can afford to live like one but doesn't. Smart cookie. Ethics, that of the lowest of brutes? **************************************************************************************************************************************************************************KEYWORDS: JAMAICA, QUEENS, BRONX, CHECK CASHING, MONEY ORDERS, ARMORED CARS, 60 MINUTES, ANZIO, GHOUT, TRAITOR, SOUTH KOREA, BAHAMAS, CAYMAN ISLANDS, EMBEZZLEMENT, SCOTTSDALE, KINGMAN, LONDON, ENGLAND, creative accounting, cooked books, treasurer, prostitution, murder for hire, muder Inc, neo Nazis, private detectives, arson, ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** His son, an unfortunate happanstance deprived him of a healthy existence at birth by reason of a heart defect and often brags of his tv appearance as one of the first of heart surgery patients to benefit from modern medical procedures. His unfortunate condition deprived him of his health and perhaps that his why he developed such a hatred of everyone else practically. Verily the world would have been spared great torment had he been allowed to expire on that operating table and remains one of the best arguments conceivable for doing away with defective babies at birth. ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** KEYWORDS: SCOTTSDALE, KINGMAN, JAMAICA, QUEENS, CHECK CASHING, GUITAR, 1960S HEART SURGERY, TELEVISED, BERMUDA TRIANGLE, CAYMAN ISLANDS, LPS, FALCK, AMBULANCE, urine, piss, OCCULT, creative accounting, cooked books, prostitution, murder for hire, Murder Incorporated, neo Nazis, private detectives, thousand dollars for coughing, $1000 for coughing, fake auto accidents, staged auto accidents, free car, free cars, free vacations, n photo, cornerstone, crooked lawyers, arson, ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Together, after already having amassed a fortune skimming the welfare checks of the african american community in Jamaica Queens. But that was a mere warmup for what was to come. So the two of them, work as a team and run corruption on a scale that represents a clear and present danger to society at large. Such is their sway over numerous poilice forces, highway (rat) patrol, sheriffs, city councilman, lawyers, whomsoever can be bought. Those (and especially their families and friends) unbuyable get the harrassment of their lives (or deaths). Having banded together, a network of politicians, accountants, lawyers and law enforcement systemically funnels dollars to organized criminals. Covering it all up all of the time has become the real work of the police chief. Their targets? The merest of whims and excentricities are law to their bought and paid for NorCal police and fire departments: False emgencies, Unlimited access to public safety/ emergency services vehicles and aircraft, drones, brain scanners (thought-theft devices) and staff to operate them at all times for their own uses\amusement. They love to play with the realmsirens and flashing emergency lights upon the vehicles. And why not? Organized crime foots the lion's share of much of the above agency's equipment. Their well honed system of theivery, with high powered lawyers, politicians, police and fire chiefs have an institutionalized and ongoing funnel of cooked city and county books sucking up taxpayer wealth. It's in the twice cooked books that lie the apple of their eyes. Much of their doe, sheltered in the Cayman islands, they work their creative accounting scemes of free cars, vacations, houses and cash bribes dished out like so many big Macs to their doting nor cal police and fire chiefs. And as for that phoney airport near the Sonoma raceway, no rational uncooked business model shows it staying in business with Sonoma real estate priced what it is on a few plane rides of expensive to maintain vintage aircraft. Without it's mob backing it folds like a house of cards, like the frivolous fly fishing Enterprise of it's combative neighbor which felt organized crime's wrath for opposing it. In reality it is a front to use as a base for illegal surveillance and the harassing of the criminals' enemies. The airport obviously doesn't and couldn't justify it's existence on purely economic terms. The price of that real estate and the modest income that it can possibly generate with $100 plane rides just doesn't add up. Committing questionable Ariel manuevers designed to harass civilian targets with the former and noise pollution up close. Anything to keep their obsession with flight alive at the cost of their victims. ?????????***********************************.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*?*.*.*.*?*?*.*?*?*.*.*.*?*?*?*.*?*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*c.c.c.c.c.c.c.c.c.c. ..............******** Keywords: Sonoma airport, mob run business organize crime, prevost, tax shelter, operating loss, plane rides, aerial feats, harassments, illegal surveillance, noise pollution This collusion amongst the police and organized criminals has been going on for decades. It, in the author's opinion, is even a likely explanation of the JFK assassination. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxcccccccccccccxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx After all , the suspect was already in police custody when he was brazenly gunned down right under their noses. The police in Texas, as many others no doubt in that fair state, probably weren't that disappointed to swap out the prissy baby face for a real man, a Texan, in the white house. That is what some might label motive and opportunity. The cliche is that it couldn't happen here in the good ole USA. The reality is that what happened in Nazi Germany was modeled upon what was established in the deep South. Deeply prejudiced white supremacists ruled the south then and probably still do. So refined is their clever little game. Now granted, the many variables of police categories; sheriffs, highway patrol and their many other convenient aliases, which, once upon a time may have served a legitimate purpose. But now, all of the proliferation of jurisdictions and compartmentalizations offer up a convenient bureaucratic carpet under which to sweep murder upon murder of unarmed African Americans. Yes, it's tragic that the peace officrer may sometimes give his life in the course of duty. Do they get a normal funeral? Such as those of the African Americans they routinely dispatch? Oh no. They get funerals fit for the royalty they've become living off of the fat of the taxpayers. The lowly sus of suidae, no one mournes their great sacrifice, except a few well meaning vegetarians. For proof of the doctrine that man is inherently evil, one need look no further than the Petaluma police department. Who polices the police? Ultimately only other corrupt policeman; "Fellow policeman, I hereby pronounce you innocent of gunning down that black in cold blood, for, he is white and therefore is in the right. Case closed.l lol" "Now that you have been taken off of such an unjust hook fellow officer, please have a look at the attached frivolous cases from my district where some no account black happened to get himself killed while in custody. (Wink, wink.????)."

Unrepentant Fire Officials See No Correlation of Fires and Their Own Corruption

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and thine city with fire and brimstone? Look no further than the acts of your heroic first responders on January Nineteenth, Twenty Eighteen at around 5:51 PM Pacific Time in front of Safeway on Jefferson.

20180414_194005. False emergency in Napa, ca. from cops on nuts dott comm on Vimeo.

And this is no isolated incident. But rather a fortuitous meeting of smart phone camera and live corruption in progress. Yeah but instead the tip of the graft ice berg. Teamed up with illegal police surveillance. You see, the police and fire departments of Napa have better paying things to do than their ostensible jobs. Who wouldn't shudder if he could see the reprehensible actions of your fire officials in creating, along with ambulance services, a series of false emergencies, exemplifying thesir reckless use of the public trust at that place and at that time. If you think about it, it is inevitable that criminally motivated interests would want to employ the goody goody image of the fire department for their own gains. Ah the Napa Safeway on Jefferson, one of the few places of refuge with electricity open and manned even upon that fateful night. When the corruption of the fire authorities was visited upon the guilty and innocent alike. The same are the fruits of their own corruption, though a misnomer as they would never own up to that. Still need further proof oh thee of little and thou of no faith? Stay tuned to this bat channel stay tuned to this bat station... 8888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888 GOD BLESS OUR FIRST RESPONDERS! They daily risk their lives to protect the citizens of sf. Lord knows they will need a mountain of blessings to absolve them from their routine practice of using their goody goody image to bond with organized crime, as sanctioned by the sf pd. Slap on the wrist (ouch, ouch! wink wink) and back out there dude to serve the people of sf like only YOU can.

Sonoma County Fire Official Emergency Services Coordinator Zachary Hamill's Inept Response Cost Lives- Manslaugher Charges to be Sought

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A recent Fire Chief Newsletter expounded on how to deal with negative publicity. They will DEFINITELY NEED IT! Hopefully the higher ups were paying attention because they are riding a fire storm of citizen outrage over the horrible deaths by fire and smoke inhalation of their pets and family members. If they had only just been warned of the coming fires even a few minutes earlier they might still be alive today to thank them for doing the obvious thing of using the system to prevent exactly what happened because of its lying unused while Sonoma County citizens young and old burned to death. Like a ballplayer freezing up during the playoffs, the Cal Fire Department likewise, albeit on a much larger scaLe and upon a much larger stage, the real life stage of the Sonoma County Fires, froze on the controls of the Early Warning System. Unfortunately, those roasted alive in Santa Rosa and vicinity had no vote in the matter of whether or not Emergency Services Coordinator Zachary Hamill should use the early warning system that their tax dollars had bought. Excuse me, it's the fire of the century and clearly qualified as an emergency! Duh, early warning system, two plus two equals four, why bother with that new fangled contraption? And so these poor victims of the gross negligence of the Mr. Hamil, cry from their graves for justice to be done. And what's worse is that it is not an isolated incident. Oh heavens no! Dear reader you have only to look down in southern cal, where the equally inept Jeff Gater alike twiddled HIS thumbs about using the taxpayer funded emergency cell phone alert system as citizens of Montecito also died horrible deaths while being buried alive in mud slides there. Don't you thing that grandma and grandpa, choking on filthy chemical laced mud as they were buried alive in Montecito, dying unspeakably frightful deaths, might have desired a vote in the decision as to whether or not to deploy the expensive emergency cell phone alert system?!? Shouldn\t the taxpayer now ask of his city council members, JUST WHO IS DOING THE HIRING AROUND THERE!!! When the head is corrupt, the body will soon follow. Charges of manslaughter were being weighed as the gross negligence of the fire officials comes into focus. Job XV- For the congregation of hypoctites SHALL BE desolate, and fire shall consume the tabernacles of bribery. Sonoma County Fire Officials Inept Response Cost Lives- Manslaugher Charges to be Sought

Sonoma County Fire Official who made the decision not to send the wireless alert together with the county???s emergency manager, Christopher Helgren. Inept Response Cost Lives- Manslaugher Charges to be Sought

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AS SOME LOCAL COMMENTERS HAVE NOTED, there was already in place a wireless early warning system that could have alerted Sonoma County residents to the fires in their path. Yet the Sonoma County Fire Officials sat and twiddled their thumbs as residents, pets and livlihoods perished in the searing flames of the Tubbs and other quaintly titled conflagrations wreaked their havoc. Like a ballplayer freezing up during the playoffs, the official who made the decision not to send the wireless alert together with the county???s emergency manager, Christopher Helgren. the Cal Fire Department likewise, albeit on a much larger scaLe on a much larger stage, the real life stage of the Sonoma County Fires. Charges of manslaughter were being weighed as the gross negligence of who the man who made the decision not to send the wireless alert together with the county�¢??s emergency manager, Christopher Helgren. the fire officials comes into focus. Talk about Karma, on the very eve of the devastating Sonoma County Fires, the Petaluma Fire Department and Cal Fire or some such agency were engaged in an aCT OF CONTROLLED Arson in broad daylight over at the Cotai Grade. That's one story you won't see on the six o'clock news. Those unfortunate southbound 101 motorists who passed through the fire and flames and inhaled the smoke and residue know this to be true. They were well paid indeed to direct a flame at a certain motorist whom through rough illegal surveillance they knew to be in route to that very spot. Lucky for this ace reporter to have been channeling clouseau on that possibly fateful day. Yet unlucky for hundreds of other innocent other motorists who failed to receive the memo: Jeremiah X... He maketh lightenings with rain, and bringeth forth the wind out of his treasures.

Sonoma County Sheriff and His Posse of White Supremacists

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Just because the Sonoma County Sheriff and his posse of white supremacist hoodlums are in the employ of organized criminal interests doesn't mean they're not worthy of their ill begotten meats. No far from it. They earn their keep by being double agents of criminal enforcement working both sides of the fence. Perhaps it has always been this way. When capable men turn their thoughts to crime the result is the Sonoma County Sheriff. Although they parade around haughtily in their fancy dress uniforms and are somewhat rightly regarded as local heroes, when their markers are called in, they become a private security force for organized crime. The Sonoma County Sheriff In conjunction with the police of the varying municipalities of Sonoma, rather than deploying their full resources to combating crime, instead are busy in another more lucrative sideline, using those manifold resources provided by the labor of the taxpayers to illegally surveil innocent citizens, harassing certain targets of their crime bosses or shall we say rich patrons, designate. I mean, just look at the evidence. Take San Francisco for instance, please. The police there are obviously busy doing something. But it sure isn't combatting crime. Oh no dear reader, such falacies are best left to the endless super hero movies. Which have about as much basis in fact as for the notion that the police are truly giving their best effort. Oh yes, the evidence. The police in San Francisco are too busy getting fat off of organized crime and their steady bilking of the pulic treasuries through their stranglehold on them via their quaint untouchable notions of "pensions'. The sacred cow that gives the police the right to loot the public coffers at will. The police of the city by the bay can't even stop the vicious endless attacks on the windows of countless automobiles parked there! Do you really think that they believe in their heart of hearts that black lives matter? Ho ho, do you want to buy some swamp land in New Jersey?